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Prepare for Higher Pest Activity this Fall-Winter

Rats in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlEach season comes with its own kind of pest problems here in Atlanta GA. Differences in temperature, rainfall, plant growth, and even barometric pressure can affect the levels of pest activity and kind of active pests in the area. This means that taking the right steps to ward off pests takes different forms throughout the year, changing with the seasons. As we start to watch the vibrant colors of fall fade into winter, we can’t forget to adapt our routines to prevent newly-arising pest issues. Learn how with Active Pest Control!

Fall and Winter Pests in Atlanta

Did you notice the increase in rainfall this autumn? Atlanta has seen a steady increase in rainfall over recent years, leading to inflated pest issues. Mosquitoes, in particular, have been thriving in the wetter environment. Because they breed in standing water, pooling rainfall leaves them with ample opportunities to proliferate and multiply their populations’ numbers.

Once average temperatures drop below 50 degrees, though, mosquitoes give way to rodents as the primary pests to worry about. Looking for warmth and shelter for the winter, mice and rats will look for any ways that they can get into our homes. With the ability to squeeze through tiny holes, rodents can sneak into our walls, attics, and crawl spaces through gaps that we don’t even notice are there.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recently put out their biannual Bug Barometer. Read the full report here.

2021 Bug Barometer - Active Pest Control

How to Prevent Pests in Fall and Winter

As the nature of active pests changes, our prevention strategies have to change too. There are three main measures that you can take to ensure that you don’t deal with any infestations during the colder months:

  1. Check around your home for entry points that could invite rodents indoors. These could be cracks in your foundation and walls, broken roofing or vents, or gaps around windows and doors.
  2. Keep your yard in order. It’s important to keep your grass cut low to eliminate standing water from pooling up and hosting pests. Yard waste and firewood piles can also create temporary shelters for rats and mice.
  3. Don’t leave out food or trash. Use covered, sealable bins for your garbage and take them out often. When you’re done eating, clean dishes and any spills promptly and store your food in airtight containers.

Professional Pest Control for the Atlanta Winter

If your DIY pest prevention strategies aren’t cutting it, contact your local pest control company to see how they can help. At Active Pest Control, we train our technicians with information that we’ve gathered over decades protecting homes in and around Atlanta. We can provide a complete property inspection, then complete extermination or removal services for all active pests, and follow-up services to ensure that your property is prepared for the next season. For a free quote, contact us today!

Prepare for Higher Pest Activity this Fall-Winter in Georgia

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