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Problems Mice Cause For Businesses

No matter what kind of business you own, one goal that remains constant is the push to be remarkable. Whether you seek to provide a unique product, exceptional customer service, or options and amenities unmatched by the competition, keeping up in a fast-paced market like Atlanta means standing out. Unfortunately, no matter how good your product or service, a mouse sighting on your property could easily be more remarkable than anything else you have to offer, and those remarks from customers may sound something like “I’m out of here!” Mice are quick to make themselves at home wherever they can find food and shelter, and while scaring away customers is reason enough to want them out, there are also factors to consider beyond those that people might see.

Mice are great at adapting to their environment, but also quite handy at adapting the environment to their tiny little preferences. Mice will gnaw on cracks to make them big enough to squeeze through. They will pilfer insulation or other soft items to make their nests. And mice will explore and get into everything they can. Most business owners, especially those in food service, are well aware of the risk of contamination, but mice can be a serious hazard even if they can’t get to the food, and even if no one ever sees them. In their wanderings mice like to nibble on whatever they come across, perhaps to see if it’s tasty, but certainly to wear down their teeth, which grow constantly. Mice have been known to chew on wiring among other things, which can cause short-circuiting and even fire. A more certain problem to note however is that wherever mice go they leave behind “signs” of their passing, a lot of signs. This is more than just yucky, as mice feces can carry disease, and some of those diseases can infect humans simply by being breathed in.

As a business owner, part of your investment in your company is the desire to see it protected. Even if the threat is small and furry, it’s one you should take seriously, and it’s one we take seriously as well. Active Pest Control can offer your Atlanta business just that, solutions to your mouse problem that are time-tested and tailored to meet your needs. We understand the need for flexibility in navigating your work environment as we seek to pinpoint problems, and can provide a discreet response to mice and other pests that are proven to work. Together we’ll make sure your business is being noticed for the right reasons, and that the damage that mice can cause does not happen to you.

Problems Mice Cause For Businesses in Georgia

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