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Skunk Removal in Georgia. Is this a good idea to do on your own?

Skunks are no fun to have around. Period! And there is no shortage of skunk horror stories. Just do an internet search, or ask just about anyone. Most people have a skunk story, or two, or three to share. There is one such story of a family who came home from church one day to find their entire house filled with the smell of skunk. The funny thing was that there was no skunk smell anywhere outside the house. The mother of the family walked through the entire house following her nose until it was finally determined that the smell was coming from the basement, but only from the dryer! It turned out that a skunk had taken up residence under their back porch where the dryer vent came out. It was a cozy, warm spot so it made sense to that skunk. Now, in this case, the skunk moved on after a few days without any major incidents. But skunk stories don’t usually end this well.

Here are some other important reasons to not have skunks on your property.

  • Skunks carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to people, pets, or other animals. They are the #2 carrier of rabies, accounting for over 29% of all reported cases. And, a rabies infection in a human, if not caught and treated properly, can cause death.
  • Skunks can also carry leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that is transmitted by a person or animal coming in contact with the animal’s infected urine through water, soil, or food.
  • Skunks can transmit distemper to other animals, especially dogs.
  • Skunks may take up residence under porches or houses.
  • Skunks will get into garbage if it is not secured inside cans with tightly fitted lids.
  • Skunks, if they can gain access, have been known to kill poultry and eat eggs.
  • If a skunk is not removed from your property and it ends up spraying a person or animal, the result can be excruciating, especially if the fresh spray is brought inside the house. Fresh skunk spray smells like burning rubber or chemicals, and can be irritating to the nose, throat, and eyes. And the smell, no matter what measures are taken to remove it, will remain for days, weeks, and even months. Often when this happens, the person living in the smell gets used to it and thinks it’s gone, but those who come into contact with them know otherwise.

Skunk removal from your Georgia property:

Attempting to remove wildlife from your property is never a good idea, especially when you are dealing with skunks. With Active Pest Control Wildlife Management, you can say goodbye to your skunk problem and rest easy. Upon arrival at your property, our skilled technicians will first find and trap or remove your skunk from where it has taken up residence. Then, they will seal up all entry points and transport the animal far away from residential areas to release it back into the wild.

Don’t take chances with your home, family, and pets. Contact us for your FREE inspection, and get help today from Active Pest Control.

Skunk Removal in Georgia. Is this a good idea to do on your own? in Georgia

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