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Skunks Causing Problems In Rome

Skunks have a unique protection system that sends a loud and clear message for you to keep your distance. This very distinctive and easily identifiable mammal is capable of spraying a chemical laden liquid with a powerfully offensive smell that can permeate the air for up to one and a half miles. If the unfortunate person or animal is hit directly, the chemical in the spray will cause intense discomfort if it gets in the eyes of the victim.

An additional characteristic of the skunk is the black and white color that is so recognizable. Most people have plenty of advanced warning when seeing this black animal with the infamous white stripe down the body and should keep a safe distance as skunks are not worth raising a stink over! You will undoubtedly recognize that famous smell of a skunk long before ever actually seeing the animal.

In addition to the offensive smell, there are other dangers Rome residents may experience as a result of exposure or contact with skunks. Skunks love to eat grubs found in the yard under the surface of the grass. This leads to small holes in the lawn as a result of skunks digging for the delicacy of a grub. In their attempt to find shelter, damage to buildings becomes another concern with skunks. Insulation gets torn out or disturbed and electrical wires become exposed from chewing which leaves the homeowner facing costly repairs.

Another potential danger from exposure to skunks is that they are known carriers of the rabies virus. In addition to being the #2 carrier of rabies, Rome residents should know that skunks can spread distemper and leptospirosis. Other diseases can be found in the feces of skunks.

At Active Pest Control we are very much aware of the problems and dangers the people of Rome and surrounding areas encounter with skunks and other forms of wildlife. The two things that will attract skunks to your property are food and shelter. If there is access to food and a place of shelter, you can be assured that skunks will move in and invade your space.

Our nuisance wildlife management professionals are trained to capture and remove the wildlife as well as secure your property to prevent future entry. The most effective solution for your skunk problems is exclusion. Once the animal is trapped and removed, our Active Pest Control technicians will seal all possible entry points to prevent a re-occurrence. If you spot skunks on your property or smell that unmistakable smell, contact us at Active Pest Control and let us put an end to your wildlife issues.

Skunks Causing Problems In Rome in Georgia

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