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Spring Cleaning Tips To Avoid Pests

It is spring here in Atlanta, and you know what that means; all of the bugs are becoming active again. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them. Here are a few tips that will help you guard against unwanted pests as you take care of your spring cleaning.

Tips For Reducing Spring Pest Threats

  • Rake up leaves, sticks, and other debris in your yard. This will prevent shade and moisture spots and reduce food options for pests that eat wood.
  • Clean up any clutter. If you have objects in your yard, rodents and bugs will use these to harbor in or get a drink from.
  • Consider storing construction materials, toys, tarps, and other miscellaneous objects in a storage area.
  • Inspect your gutters for clogs, and do some spring cleaning up there. Clear gutters not only prevent water damage to the wood of your home, they prevent conditions that lure pests in. While you’re working on those gutters, do an inspection for any leaks in outdoor spigots and get those fixed as well. Damp soil is an attractant for pests. It is always better to keep things dry.
  • Make sure all of your trash cans are sealed shut. The items in your trash are considered food by many pests. Some even lay their eggs in decaying matter. And, if you’ve dealt with raccoons in the past, you may even want to consider using bungee cords to keep those lids from being pried off.
  • While you’re taking care your spring cleaning pest control, keep any eye out for termite and carpenter ant swarmers. Spring is the time of year when mature nests send these winged reproductives out to start new nests. The last thing you need is a wood destroying pest creating a nest on your property.
  • If you really want to reduce pests this spring, there is no better way to do it than to start ongoing pest service with Active Pest Control. We protect Atlanta from all of the many household pests that invade our yards and squeeze into our homes. Our pest professionals are trained in the habits and habitats of bugs, with an emphasis on the accepted practices that work to keep them from having an adverse impact.

Pests eat wood, attack plants, damage lawns, spread harmful bacteria, carry diseases that can have lifelong implications for humans, stain furniture, eat holes in clothing, sting and bite, cause smells, create noises, and so much more. Get your Atlanta property ready for spring with a little help from Active Pest Control. When those pests are all gone, it’s Active Pest Control.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Avoid Pests in Georgia

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