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Stink Bug Invasion

Invasion season has begun! Homeowners throughout the region have recently been spotting rather large brown or green bugs crawling around windows, doors, and exterior walls of their house. These armies of invaders, unaffectionately called stink bugs, have one goal in mind and that is to gain access to the warmth and comfort of your home. They have a natural instinct that alerts them and lets them know that the cold winter months are just around the corner. The focus of this very unwelcome bug is to find a crack or crevice big enough for them to fit through and take up residence inside the house.

Stink bugs are exactly that—bugs that stink! While this appears to be a very simple statement, any homeowner who does not recognize these nuisance pests and swats or steps on them will suddenly find out why they are called stink bugs. The stink bug puts off a very unpleasant smell that one doesn’t easily forget. If they gain entrance into the home, the preferred method of removal may be with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Even then, be sure and change the vacuum filter as the smell can linger for some time.

Stink bugs are threatening to the agricultural industry and local gardeners. They are especially fond of fruit trees. However, the good news is they do not bite or sting humans or pets. Neither do they cause structural damage to property. As with all household pests, the key to stink bug control is prevention. As stated in the old idiom, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once stink bugs get inside the attic or walls of the home, they are extremely difficult to remove. There are several tips that homeowners should apply that will prevent stink bugs from invading the home.

Think like a bug and search your home for any gap or crack in the exterior of your house. Look around windows and doors for any crack and repair accordingly with caulking. This is an easy and inexpensive repair that will keep pests out and increase the heating efficiency of your home. Check the foundation for any cracks that may have developed and seal shut. You may also place a section of window screen over attic louvers and soffit vents.

Active Pest Control understands the aggravation of homeowners when it comes to removing unwanted guests. Our technicians are highly trained and able to make your home pest-free*. Our pest solutions plans will provide a year-round solution for stink bugs and other common household pests. You will find peace of mind by contacting Active Pest Control today for the perfect solution to your pest problems.

Stink Bug Invasion in Georgia

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