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Stink Bugs On Their Way

There are many types of insects that are unique and needed for our environment. Some we think are necessary and some that we think aren’t. Some that seem to do their jobs and carry on without being a bother, and some that are just plain stinkers. Some, such as the stink bug, have earned their name. These pests have a small gland located on their thorax that emits a smell when they are threatened or squashed as a defense mechanism. Some describe this smell as a very potent, spoiled cilantro smell, which is why you wouldn’t want these pests hanging around your house. Although these insects may not cause much damage to a home or business, they are considered to be nuisance pest.

These pests are regularly spotted in the summer, but you will begin to see more of them as the cooler fall nights come and they begin to look for a warm place to overwinter. A home or business is the perfect spot. Walls and quiet areas such as crawl spaces or attics are all places these bugs like to overwinter. On warmer days, adult stink bugs may be spotted feeding on a house plant, but they often stay hidden until spring. When spring time arrives, these bugs will begin to come into the living spaces of your home searching for a way outdoors. Their smell and size is enough to make any homeowner want them out.

Even though these pests may not do much damage to homes or businesses, the damage on landscaping and farms are much more extensive. Younger stink bugs may begin feeding on weeds and grass, but will then migrate to other areas as they grow to become adults. They enjoy feeding on fruits such as peaches and apples, but are certainly not limited to these. They pierce the skin of the fruit and transplant a small amount of saliva into it. The saliva is toxic to the fruit’s cells and causes the fruit to develop a scar that resembles the face of a cat, making the fruit unfit to sell. As for gardening, these pests eat the stem of the plant and can transmit different plant diseases. This makes it hard to keep your landscaping and gardens healthy and beautiful.

There are ways to reduce your chances of stink bugs invading your personal space such as: repairing any torn screens in windows, doors, attics, and crawl space vents and filling in any gaps under exterior doors; weather stripping can help as gap filler. However, the best way to prevent a stink bug infestation here in Atlanta is to partner with a trusted pest control specialist like Active Pest Control. We offer a free inspection and have trained professionals to help tackle this task. If you spot stink bugs in your Atlanta home, we can help get rid of your infestation safely and efficiently. Give us a call to discuss the details.

Stink Bugs On Their Way in Georgia

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