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The Journey Of The German Cockroach

If you want to understand German cockroaches you must first ask yourself the question: Are French fries called French fries in France? It may seem strange but follow the logic. The French don’t recognize French fries as a French food. They call it Pommes Frites which is translated ‘fried potatoes’ in English. We know, boring, right? But, there is something to be learned here. Just because we have given this food a name that has the word French in it, doesn’t mean it actually comes from France. The same can be said about the German cockroach. Just because it has the word German in it doesn’t mean it came from Germany. In fact, in Germany, the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) has a different name. They call it the Russian cockroach. No doubt that thrills the Russians to no end. But, the truth is, those roaches probably came from somewhere in Asia by way of Russia. They certainly didn’t originate from Germany. That much we know for sure. So, when you see these nasty little tan insects racing across your wall at top speed or climbing around in your pantry, don’t blame those poor Germans. Don’t blame the Russians either. You really can’t blame any country in the world for having these dirty little bugs around. Here are some reasons why.

  • Cockroaches have been living with humans since the dawn of time. They love us because we provide the things they need: Food for their bellies, water to keep them hydrated, and a nice warm place to protect them from the cold–which they do not like at all. It isn’t filth that causes these pests to spread. So, it really isn’t the fault of any human that these pests are invading homes in the United States.
  • Cockroaches are a hitchhiking bug. It isn’t like the Germans filled a boat with a million cockroaches and ran them over to our country. Roaches get into bags, luggage, food crates, boxes, clothing, and a whole host of other things that humans like to move around. When people travel or move food goods, these pests spread.
  • Cockroaches are prolific breeders. Have you ever heard the term, “breeding like rabbits?” Cockroaches laugh from the belly when they hear that phrase. Roaches make babies like crazy. So, you can’t blame anyone that we now have these roaches living in America. All it takes is one roach to start a thriving population of thousands.

Okay. You probably get the point by now. These filthy insects are not the fault of the Germans, or any other people group on the planet. They are resilient creatures that are highly motivated to live where humans live and feed off what humans feed on. If you have German cockroaches in your Rome, Georgia, home, we can help. At Active Pest Control we have industry-leading residential pest control plans that are effective and affordable. Help stop the spread of German cockroaches.


The Journey Of The German Cockroach in Georgia

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