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The Types of Rodents Likely to Give You a Hard Time in Georgia

Georgia residents and business owners are vulnerable to a variety of rodent infestations. But which of these are likeliest to be a pain in the neck? From the common mouse and beyond, there are a variety of rodents that cause problems for home and business owners throughout the state. Active Pest Control explains why these pests are so troublesome – and, in some cases, even dangerous.

Rodents to Look Out For

Expert rodent control is a must if you find evidence of these rodent types on your property.


While not actually a rodent – it’s considered an insectivore – the rodent-like mole can be as intrusive as any mouse or rat. Moles travel in underground tunnels that cause severe damage to lawns and golf courses. While do-it-yourself remedies are available, professional rodent control services offer the only truly effective solutions to mole invasions.


While better-looking than tiny-eyed, earless moles, groundhogs are just as destructive. Whether dining on your veggie garden, burrowing under your lawn and filling it with piles of dirt, or spreading parasites to your pets, this large rodent is more of a pest than many realize.


Squirrels may be cute, but they can jeopardize your health and home if they make their way inside. Whether they get in through the chimney or openings in your home’s exterior, these rodents spread parasites, damage personal property, and endanger your home by chewing on electrical wires.


Mice head indoors looking for food, warmth, and shelter. There, they can transmit bacteria and illnesses ranging from the plague to the potentially deadly hantavirus. Like squirrels, they put your household at risk by gnawing on wiring. You may discover nests made of shredded paper in or near your home.


Rats are probably the most dreaded type of rodent in Georgia and elsewhere. From rat-bite fever to food poisoning, these bacteria- and disease-spreading pests create health hazards wherever they go. Rats are also chewers and can be aggressive when cornered.

The Rodent Control Solution

Whether mice and rats have invaded your house or moles are filling your yard with holes, help is available. From health and safety hazards to costly property damage, rodents threaten your household or business in a variety of ways. Active Pest Control provides our residential and commercial customers in Georgia with safe, effective rodent control. Contact us today to eliminate existing infestations and prevent future ones.

The Types of Rodents Likely to Give You a Hard Time in Georgia in Georgia

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