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Problematic Potential: A Georgia Raccoon’s Harmful Tendencies

Raccoons may be cute, but don’t let their innocent looks fool you. While these animals are a common sight in many neighborhoods, the damage they do to Georgia households and businesses is astonishing. Active Pest Control explains why raccoon control is a must if you’ve spotted these nocturnal creatures on your property.

Raccoon Habitats in Cities and Suburbs

Growing cities and suburbs have forced raccoon populations to change their behaviors. These mammals don’t build their own nests in the wild, preferring instead to live in rock hollows and other existing structures. The shift to urban and suburban living means raccoons find their way into our sheds and attics to seek shelter, mate, and raise their families. Professional wildlife management services are the only way to safely remove raccoons from your property.

Raccoon Damage in the Home

In their quest to feed themselves and their babies, raccoons pillage gardens and rifle through trash. They’ll also do whatever it takes to find shelter, from scaling trees and climbing down chimneys to making their way through roof vents. The interiors of homes are equally unsafe from a determined raccoon. These animals often trample on insulation, reducing its effectiveness and causing a rise in heating and cooling bills. They even spark electrical fires by gnawing on wiring.

Health Dangers from Raccoons

Property damage isn’t the only reason home and business owners need wildlife management assistance when raccoons invade their space. These critters have no qualms about using your home as a toilet, and the result can be more than just gross. Roundworms in raccoons’ feces can cause a potentially fatal infection in humans who come into contact with it. Their urine is known to spread leptospirosis, which can cause kidney failure or life-threatening lung infections. Never touch raccoon waste; contact your local raccoon control experts for professional decontamination services.

Wildlife Control: Your Raccoon Solution

Whether raccoons have feasted on your vegetable garden or made your attic their home, proven wildlife management techniques are essential to keeping your family safe and your property intact. Protect your family, pets, and house from the incredible damage these adorable but dangerous animals can inflict. Active Pest Control helps keep Georgia homes and businesses safe all year round with thorough, effective raccoon control methods.

Problematic Potential: A Georgia Raccoon’s Harmful Tendencies in Georgia

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