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Straight from the Horse Fly’s Mouth: A Georgia Biting Habit

Having houseflies buzzing around your head is one thing; having a horse fly biting your head is another. If you’ve ever been bitten by a horse fly, you know that it’s a painful experience. This fly a nuisance pest that shows up during the warmer months in Georgia, sending people running for cover. Without effective fly control, these biting insects can make life miserable for you and your pets.

What Are Horse Flies?

A horse fly looks like a large housefly. It has a brown and black body with clear or cloudy wings and massively green eyes. If you see a fly similar to this with black bands or spots on its wings, it’s a deer fly. A horse fly grows up to 1.25 inches in length and has slicing mouthparts, which it uses to feed on blood. It’s only active in the daytime and prefers to feed on horses and other livestock. However, it will also bite and feed on humans.

Why Do Horse Flies Bite?

Only the female horse fly bites and consumes a blood meal; the males feed on nectar and pollen. The females require the protein in the blood to produce eggs. Both the male and the female horse fly enjoy moist areas and can be seen near ponds, marshes, pools, and other water bodies. Because of the frequent rain showers and humidity in Georgia, these pests are common in backyards across the state.

How to Get Rid of Horse Flies

Reducing the amount of standing water on your property will help keep horse fly populations low. In addition, using repellents will deter infestations and stop you from getting bit while you work, play, or lounge in your backyard. Investing in routine pest control will also help to keep out other invasive insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

If a horse fly infestation has you wearing long sleeves in the summer, Active Pest Control can provide you with the relief you need. We offer effective fly control services and will treat your home for these nuisance pests. We’ll also set up a routine maintenance program to stop unwanted infestations throughout the year.

Straight from the Horse Fly’s Mouth: A Georgia Biting Habit in Georgia

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