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Tips to Reduce Mosquito Harborage Areas

Take back your yard! Don’t you want to go outside and enjoy the sun again or the late night bonfires without the threat of mosquitoes? Of course you do. Atlanta is the best place for outdoor fun and gatherings, but unwanted guests can spoil the fun too quickly. Stop giving mosquitoes a place to stay and make babies. To get rid of mosquitoes at the source, reduce their mosquito harborage areas.

Where Do Mosquitoes Like to Lay Their Eggs?

There is one thing you should think about all the time to prevent mosquitoes: WATER! Not just any water, but standing water. If you are like most people, you can think about the places around your home where standing water is a problem – puddles, old kiddie pools, and the neighbor’s old pool. But there are many more places that you may not even know about where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs:

  • Clogged Gutters
  • Birdbaths
  • Koi ponds and other decorative ponds
  • Rain barrels
  • Creek behind or through your yard
  • Mud

Quick Facts About Mosquito Eggs

The babies that come from the eggs aren’t exactly newborns you would throw a party for. They are resilient and will cause a lot of trouble. Here are a few interesting – or frightening – facts about mosquito eggs.

  • Eggs can survive in dry soil through winter and spring months until the rain arrives.
  • Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in areas as small as a soda bottle cap.
  • When mosquitoes hatch, they spend the first week and a half of their lives in water.
  • Mosquitoes can lay more than 300 eggs at a time, and at least 3 times during their lifetimes.
  • A female mosquito can lay egg clusters in areas as shallow as 1 inch of water.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

The truth is that preventing mosquitoes on your property is a challenging job. Mosquitoes need standing water, but they don’t need a lot of it. Sure, you could dump out the standing water in flower pots, rinse out the old pool, and clean the birdbath, but there are places you can’t see. That is where professional services come in.

Active Pest Control will do a free inspection before making a recommendation to treat mosquito harborage areas at your home. We offer three levels of pest control service to keep your home free from pests and the places they hide and breed. Call now to schedule your inspection.

Tips to Reduce Mosquito Harborage Areas in Georgia

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