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10 Facts Everyone Should Know About German Cockroaches in Georgia

Are you seeing cockroaches in your home? If so, we feel your pain. We see firsthand, all the time, what a serious problem these dirty little pests can be. But, if you’ve just started seeing German cockroaches in your home, and don’t know how bad they are, here are 10 things you should know right now.

  1. German cockroaches don’t just live in Germany. If you’re seeing these cockroaches in your home, you are probably already aware that the German cockroach is not restricted to distribution in Germany alone. But it is important to understand that they didn’t originate in Germany either. These bugs have been plaguing humans since the beginning of recorded time. That means they’re really good at avoiding our attempts to get rid of them.
  2. German cockroaches spread diseases. Disease-causing organisms, such as harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoans have been found in the bodies of these roaches.
  3. German cockroaches spread harmful bacteria. If it isn’t bad enough that they carry illness in their bodies, they also carry it on their bodies. When they get into dirty places, they pick up bacteria and spread it to food prep surfaces, shelves, dishes, silverware, and other sensitive areas.
  4. German cockroaches are incredibly mobile. Like all roaches, these insects can climb walls, walk across ceilings, and get into hard-to-reach places.
  5. German cockroaches are small. This species of roach is the smallest of all the cockroaches you’ll find in your home. This tiny size allows them to go through some extremely tiny openings, like the holes in your outlets.
  6. If you’re seeing one here and there, you probably have hundreds in your home. Only a few roaches will explore your home in the open. The rest will wait till it is safe to come out and feed.
  7. These and other cockroaches are connected to asthmatic symptoms. Studies have made a direct connection between asthma symptoms and the presence of cockroaches, but German cockroaches stand out from the pack. They are the leading cause of asthma among inner-city children in our country.
  8. German cockroaches reproduce like crazy. This is one of the biggest reasons this species of cockroach is the most established cockroach in the world. On average, females of this species have a three-month life cycle. But, in that time they can produce multiple egg cases from a single mating, each egg case containing 35 to 45 offspring.
  9. These are stinky bugs. If you have a large infestation of German cockroaches, you’re going to smell it. For some people, this alone is enough to want to kill them all.
  10. Resistance is not futile. Cockroaches, in general, are resilient bugs. It is estimated that roaches have been able to develop a resistance to every pesticide product that has been thrown at them since the 1950s.

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10 Facts Everyone Should Know About German Cockroaches in Georgia in Georgia

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