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What Does QualityPro Certified Mean?

When a pest problem rears its ugly head, it can be scary. But not nearly as scary as hiring the wrong pest control company. Nowadays, it is even easier for a pest control company to have a professional look. All they need is a professional webpage. But that illusion of professionalism is quickly broken when they show up in a truck that has been made to look like a cockroach with wheels, or after you receive an inflated bill for services that leave you with no resolution to your problem. QualityPro helps customers find reputable pest control companies.

First of all, QualityPro isn’t something that pest control companies made up; it is an independent, 3rd-party auditing process administered by the National Pest Management Association. This program is offered by the NPMA to help potential customers easily connect with a reputable pest control company, and avoid being taken advantage of.

In order to be QualityPro certified, a company must:

  • Demonstrate a track record of trusted consumer relations.
  • Adhere to certified business practices and use clear communication methods when scheduling appointments and follow-ups.
  • Have expert employee training.
  • Prove they are good stewards of the environment.
  • Meet and exceed all federal and state requirements.
  • Have a drug-free workplace policy that not only prohibits illegal drugs in the workplace but requires that employees notify management if they are on prescribed medication that may impair their driving ability, judgment, work performance, or behavior.
  • Have done comprehensive DMV and criminal background checks on all employees.
  • Have a warranty/service agreement that clearly outlines the scope of services.
  • Do not run advertising that uses misleading terminology, or makes false promises.

QualityPro is a mark of excellent for a pest control company. Of all the pest control companies in the United States, only 3% are certified QualityPro. Active Pest Control is proud to be part of this program. We believe that this program, which includes random audits and strict adherence, keeps our team focused on the goal of providing the best service to our customers.

When you have a QualityPro-certified pest technician come to your home, you can expect that they will arrive in a clearly marked vehicle with a proper background check, the best training available, and that they will clearly outline what services are needed and what those services will cost. You’ll also know that your family and your pets will be completely safe from the many dangers that improper pest control can present. At the end of the day, that is what matters most.

Do you need a pest control company you can trust? Look for the blue, QualityPro logo. It is the mark of excellence in pest management.

What Does QualityPro Certified Mean? in Georgia

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