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What If We Worked Together To Rid The World Of Mosquitoes?

I’m fairly confident that no one likes to be bitten by mosquitoes. That goes without saying. But there are far worse reasons to hate those little blood suckers than an irritating sting. Mosquitoes spread disease as they feed. If it sticks its needle into a disease-carrying animal and then pokes it into your neck, it can transfer that disease to you. They are known to spread Malaria, chikungunya, dog heartworm, dengue, yellow fever, eastern equine encephalitis, human encephalitis, and other viruses.

What can anyone do about mosquitoes?

It may seem like a battle that can’t be won, but this is not entirely true. You may not be able to keep all mosquitoes off your property, but you can reduce populations and make your yard resistant to breeding.

There is no shortage of mosquitoes in the South, but you can reduce their impact on you. Modern pest management companies like Active Pest Control have treatments that kill mosquito eggs on lawns, shrubs and other greenery. This treatment kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage so eggs cannot be left in your yard to hatch when it rains. Shortly after this solution is applied, your family and pets are free to enjoy the yard–with a whole lot fewer mosquitoes to worry about.

Complete mosquito protection requires more than just a lawn treatment.

A professional like Active Pest Control will also help you get rid of wet areas where water collects, clutter in your yard that holds water, and obstructions in your gutter system that give mosquitoes a place to breed.

Can you imagine a world with a lot fewer mosquitoes?

A typical female mosquito will not fly more than 1.5 miles for a blood meal. If enough people in your neighborhood were to get their yards protected, your mosquito population would be zero. We’re a ways from that, but you’ll notice a difference even if you only worry about your own lawn.

Reduce the mosquitoes on your property, and protect your family from mosquito-spread disease. If we all do our part, we can keep our neighborhoods mosquito free. Spread the word.

What If We Worked Together To Rid The World Of Mosquitoes? in Georgia

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