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When Squirrels Attack

If you are like most folks here in Lawrenceville, you probably think that squirrels are harmless little creatures that are fun to watch scampering around your yard, scaling your fence, or trying to get into the neighbor’s bird feeder. But do you know that if a squirrel gets into your home it can become dangerous? It’s true. While a squirrel in nature is mostly harmless and will simply run away from you if you approach it, a trapped, cornered squirrel is another story altogether.

What Kinds Of Damages Do Squirrels Cause Inside Houses?

If one of these little critters makes its way into your attic or wall voids, it can bring all sorts of difficulties. Not only do they chew holes in everything, as other rodents do, the bigger, and more numerous those holes get, the more heat you will have escaping out your walls or roof. Here are some other problems that come with having squirrels take up housekeeping in your home.

  • Squirrels chew more than just holes in your home. They will also chew on things in your attic such as items that are stored away. And they don’t differentiate between junk and treasured keepsakes. They also may chew on wiring which has the potential to spark a house fire.
  • Squirrels leave urine and feces everywhere they go.
  • Squirrels can have parasites such as lice, mites, ticks, and fleas, which pose another set of problems and a potential for diseases.
  • Squirrels disturb insulation which causes more heat to be lost.
  • Squirrels multiply.

If you have discovered that one or more squirrels have gotten into your home, it is unwise to try to remove it on your own. Wild animals in the wild, and wild animals that are cornered act very differently. If a squirrel is cornered or threatened, especially if it is protecting young, or if it has the rabies virus, will defend itself by scratching and biting. Also, if a squirrel accidentally makes its way into living spaces, it will wreak havoc doing everything it can to get out. It will rip curtains, knock things over, climb walls, and ultimately go haywire trying to escape.

DIY methods of squirrel removal often fail. And take note that if a squirrel is trapped within your wall voids, two things may happen. They may chew their way into living spaces, then go crazy as described above, or, they can die within the walls creating a horrible smell. It is best to call for professional help.

If you have squirrels in your Lawrenceville home, whether they have taken up residence in your attic, or they are trapped inside a room, let the professionals here at Active Pest Control take care of them for you. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to deal with removing squirrels safely and humanely. And, if you need help with any other household pest, we can take care of those as well. Reach out to Active Pest Control today.

When Squirrels Attack in Georgia

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