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Why are Yellow Jackets So Aggressive in the Late Summer?

Learn why yellow jackets are so aggressive in the fall in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlIf you’ve attended an outdoor barbecue picnic during the late summer in Georgia, you probably have dealt with yellow jackets trying to crash your party. Yellow jackets and wasps hatch in the spring and their populations grow throughout the summer. By the time fall rolls around, these stinging insects become more aggressive as they look for extra resources to support themselves. Understanding their behavior during this time of year is the key to preventing them from invading your outdoor activities!

What Attracts Wasps in the Fall?

As summer progresses, yellow jackets begin to outgrow their nests. With limited resources, they begin to expand their search for food and become more aggressive in doing so. They will seek out sugary substances as well as protein, which is why they target outdoor picnics and parties. Some of the things that attract yellow jackets outdoors include:

  • Food: Yellow jackets will eat any food source they can land on, making any food or drink you bring outside susceptible!
  • Eaves and holes: If you notice a small nest forming, call a professional to get it removed before it grows out of proportion.
  • Hummingbird feeders: Wasps will flock to the sugary water found in bird feeders.
  • Lawn insects: Wasps will occasionally grab grubs from your lawn to satiate their protein needs.
  • Swimming pools: All types of wasps love the ample water a pool provides.

How to Prevent Yellow Jackets

The best way to avoid dealing with yellow jackets outside is to know how to prevent them! Some of the ways you can keep them away include:

  1. Keep food and garbage covered with tight lids.
  2. Don’t wear bright colors or wear perfume.
  3. During the spring, seal any holes or voids around your home.
  4. Don’t walk barefoot through the grass in case they are loitering on the ground.
  5. Eliminate sources of standing water and cover your swimming pool.

Professional Help for Wasp Prevention

Because yellow jackets can get aggressive, it’s important to never deal with a nest by yourself. Especially during this time of year, they can sting without being provoked, which can be deadly to anyone allergic. If you’ve done all you can to prevent yellow jackets and are still dealing with them near your property, call the experts at Active Pest Control. We can safely remove wasp nests from your home to keep you and your family safe all year long.

Why are Yellow Jackets So Aggressive in the Late Summer? in Georgia

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