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Look Out for Rodents in Atlanta this Winter!

In Atlanta, we’re no strangers to pest problems throughout the entire year. While infestations typically slow down in the fall and winter, there is one pest in particular that remains vigilant throughout the colder months: the rodent! Due to our changing weather this time of year, rats and mice alike are looking to get indoors. In partnership with PestWorld, the NPMA recently released their 2021 Fall & Winter Bug Barometer® predicting a significant increase in rodent activity this time of year. Our experts are here to share everything you need to know about protecting your home and family from these potential rodent infestations this winter—read on to learn more!

Winter Pest Infestations

Although many types of pests go away in the fall and winter, there are a few that stick around. With above-normal rainfall predicted, mosquitoes have lingered well into the fall months—which is much longer than usual. The most pressing pest pressures we face this time of year are those pests that look to get inside our homes to escape dropping temperatures outdoors.

In November, you may still be seeing some infamous fall pests inside your home. These include ants, stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, and boxelder bugs, all of which look to overwinter until springtime right in the comfort of your property. The most concerning winter pest problem Atlanta residents face in 2021, however, is a rodent infestation.

NPMA Bug Barometer 2021

Where do Rodents Go in the Winter?

Rats and mice alike are two pests you don’t want inside your home, especially in the wintertime. Unfortunately, rodents can squeeze their way inside impossibly small holes to gain access to your basement, attic, or another area. Once indoors, they can wreak havoc. Rats and mice use all types of materials to build nests, chew on everything nonstop (electrical wires included), and can create a health hazard with their droppings. Depending on whether you have rats or mice, they tend to dwell in different areas of your home:

  1. Rats: Norway rats are known to burrow beneath the very foundation of your home, and are thus found in basements, crawl spaces, and more. Roof rats, however, prefer to live in higher areas of a property, including inside of wall voids or inside attics and chimneys.
  2. Mice: House & deer mice alike will seek out dark, undisturbed places in the home to nest. With their small size, they can nest in rooms, inside of furniture, and even behind warm appliances in your kitchen or basement.

How to Prevent Pest Problems this Time of Year

No one wants to share their home with rodents, especially during the holidays. With NPMA’s prediction of increased rodent activity this time of year, it’s more important than ever to team up with your local rodent control exterminators. Contact the experts at Active Pest Control today to get started with our winter pest control services!

Look Out for Rodents in Atlanta this Winter! in Georgia

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