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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Mosquito trap technology is improving constantly. Our traps have become much more effective at controlling mosquito populations. Newer traps can both limit adult mosquito numbers and also target female mosquitoes, slowing down reproductive turnaround.

There are many different options for mosquito traps, but in general, they are all effective options to provide relief from mosquitoes.

Do mosquito traps really work - Active Pest Control

How Do Different Mosquito Traps Work?

There are many different options for mosquito traps, each with their own means of mosquito control. Here’s what to know about mosquito traps:

  1. Most traps work by luring in biting female mosquitoes.
  2. Some traps mimic signals that mosquitoes use to locate hosts, like scent.
  3. Carbon dioxide, heat, fragrance, and light are commonly utilized by traps. In human exhalation, carbon dioxide is released.
  4. Trapping methods vary between fans, sticky surfaces, and electrocution. 

How Do Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps Work?

Mosquitoes have a lot of luck using carbon dioxide to locate humans to feed on. When we exhale, we emit carbon dioxide, which signals to mosquitoes that we are near. A carbon dioxide mosquito trap mimics this emission by producing carbon dioxide gas. The mosquitoes are drawn toward the trap and then sucked in, stuck to a sticky surface, or electrocuted. CO2 traps try to lure in and get rid of female mosquitoes to slow the reproductive cycle of the population in your yard.

Are Mosquito Traps Helpful in Georgia?

When you need to figure out the best mosquito trap option for your yard, you should ask your local mosquito exterminator. An expert in the region will understand the best ways to get rid of local mosquito populations that you might be finding around your property. Reach out to our team at Active Pest Control to learn more!

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work? in Georgia

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