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Rodents have plagued mankind for centuries. Whether it’s squirrels, rats, or mice, somehow they always seem to find a way into homes and businesses! Winter and fall are especially problematic months, as your warm building starts to look appealing to rodents. If given an opportunity, they will move in!

A rodent problem must be addressed as soon as possible. Rodents can be carriers of a variety of diseases. Their droppings can pose serious health hazards, and the damage rodents can inflict is typically costly. Don’t let rodents overrun your home or business—call Active Pest Control!

But How Do Rodents Get Inside?

Rodents are known for two things: their ability to climb and their ability to chew. Put these two behaviors together, and you have a serious problem! The truth is, rodents will not only find a way inside—they will make a way inside, using their sharp teeth to enlarge and expand new and pre-existing holes. Mice can even enter your property through a hole the size of a dime!

Squirrels tend to utilize roof-tops and vent holes, while mice and rats look for cracks in the foundation or openings around entryways or windows. Rodents also look for ways to enter the property through worn siding, or where utility pipes haven’t been covered properly.

Signs That Mice and Rats Are in Your Home

Rodents and mice are nocturnal, and squirrels are diurnal (active during the day). Because they want to keep their new-found cozy home, they’re going to do everything in their power to remain undetected! If you think you have rodents, you will need to look for signs of activity:

  • Scratching or bumping noises in your attic
  • Droppings around the house that are roughly the size of a grain of rice
  • Small holes have been chewed into food bags or boxes
  • Nests made of cloth, paper, cardboard, or other materials might be found in cabinets, closets, or the basement
  • Signs of chewing damage to insulation, wires, siding, or furniture

Treat and Prevent Rodents with Exclusion Tactics

The best way to deal with mice and rats in your home is to keep them from entering in the first place. In the pest control industry, we refer to this as “exclusion”. It’s a vital step toward eliminating rodents. By locating all of these weak spots and sealing them, you can prevent future problems. Seal cracks and openings around your home using expanding-foam insulation, copper mesh, quick-drying cement, or caulking, depending upon the area you are addressing.

Treating for rodents varies a lot, depending on the building, the areas affected, and the species of rodent. Usually, some combination of traps and exclusion works best, but if you have rodents stuck in hard-to-reach areas, or heating vents, you’re going to need a professional rodent exterminator to avoid further damage.

Consult an Expert Rodent Removal Company

DIY rodent control methods can be really difficult to employ successfully, especially in a large space or with a large rodent population. These animals are very good at avoiding detection and treatment! The pest control professionals at Active Pest Control are equipped with the tools and experience needed to detect, remove, and prevent mice and rat infestations. If you would like to keep rodents out of your home, call Active Pest Control today!

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