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When Should Rodent Prevention Start in Georgia?

Many types of pests are only active for part of the year, either dying off or hibernating through the colder months. Unfortunately, rodents are not that type of pest. They are active all year long, which is why rodent prevention should be an ongoing process. Letting your guard down for even one season puts you at risk of experiencing an infestation.

When should rodent exclusion start in Georgia - Active Pest Control

When Is Rodent Season in Georgia?

Here in Georgia, it’s common to notice an increase in rodent activity during the fall. From late August to November, the temperatures start to lower and as a result, rodents try to sneak indoors for warmth and shelter. Food sources are also more limited during this time of year, so they’re more likely to infiltrate our homes if there is easy access to things like dirty dishes or garbage. 

How Often Should I Get Rodent Control?

At the very least, we strongly advise investing in a rodent inspection at least once per year. During this inspection, a licensed professional will identify any signs of rodent activity and provide you with recommendations that can help you treat or avoid an infestation. 

However, for the best results possible, consider getting rodent control at the beginning of each season. Doing so will help you prevent an infestation before it can even start, which is far easier and cheaper than trying to get rid of an established colony.

Where Do Rodents Go In My Home?

Once they get inside, rats and mice usually stay hidden in low-traffic areas. They often build nests in places like wall voids, attics, and basements where you’re least likely to go. At night, the rodents may access your kitchen or other areas that they can easily get to food or water. Since they are such elusive pests, it’s best to work with a licensed exterminator who can spot even the smallest signs of an infestation. 

Your Local Rodent Prevention Experts

Since 1985, Active Pest Control has proudly served businesses and residents throughout Georgia. We understand how important it is to keep unwanted critters out of your space, which is why we provide top-tier services backed by a satisfaction warranty. Our team has years of training and experience, so we’re fully prepared to tackle any pest problem you might be facing. Want to learn more or get rodent control? Call us today!

When should rodent exclusion start in Georgia? in Georgia

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