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Rodent Baits vs. Snap Traps

In plenty of homes across Georgia, people rely on rodent baits and snap traps to handle rodent infestations. But how successful are they, and which trap is right for your needs? Well, that depends on a few things. First, let’s talk about how rodent bait stations and snap traps work.

Rodent Baits Vs Snap Traps in Georgia - Active Pest Control

What Are Snap Traps?

Snap traps are the classic “mouse trap” that you’ve likely seen in a movie or cartoon. These traps use pressure-sensitive plates that rodents will activate while trying to access bait. When the plate is touched, the mechanism will quickly release a bar that delivers a fatal blow to the neck. 

How Does Rodent Bait Work?

Rodent bait stations work quite a bit differently than snap traps. They contain a substance that is highly attractive and highly toxic to rats. After ingesting the bait, the rodent may go back to the colony and infect other rats, effectively eliminating an entire nest.

Which Rodent Control Method Should I Use?

While both snap traps and bait stations can be effective against rodent infestations, it’s important to choose the right option for your circumstance. When you’re trying to choose between rodent baits and snap traps, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know where the infestation is coming from? Snap traps are generally not effective if you don’t know where the rodents actually are. On the flip side, bait stations can attract rodents, making them the better option if you aren’t quite sure where the infestation is coming from.
  • Do I have pets or small children? While both snap traps and bait stations can be dangerous to pets or small children, rat poison can be fatal if ingested. For that reason, we strongly recommend consulting a professional if you plan to use bait stations, especially if you have loved ones nearby. 
  • Have I used natural pest control techniques? If your property is attractive to rodents, neither trap will be very effective in the long run. It’s important to ensure your property is protected against infestations using integrated pest management techniques, like eliminating entry points and keeping a clean kitchen. 

Professional Rodent Control in Georgia

Dealing with rodents isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Regardless of which type of trap you choose, you still have to consider things like cleaning up after the infestation and handling dead rodents. If you’d rather not handle it yourself, don’t worry – the experts at Active Pest Control are here to help. We’ve got over 35 years of experience handling all sorts of rat and mouse issues throughout Georgia, and we’re prepared to handle every aspect of your rodent control needs. Let us take care of the tough stuff while you kick back. Get in touch with us today!

Rodent Baits vs Snap Traps in Georgia

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