How Can I Prevent Termites Naturally?

If you are determined to prevent termites from eating their way through your Atlanta home, you may first turn to natural methods to prevent them. There are a number of all-natural methods that may help keep termites away from your property. Bear in mind that termites are notoriously difficult to get rid of and almost always require professional treatment. However, there are a number of natural methods that may help prevent termites from infesting your home:

  • Orange oil
  • Cardboard traps
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Nematodes
  • Boric acid

How Can I Prevent Termites Naturally in Atlanta; Call Active Pest Control for Termite Control and Prevention

All-Natural Termite Prevention

Many people are uncomfortable using chemical measures to prevent pests in the home. All-natural methods are very popular and best used as a preventative measure, as elimination of pests requires more potent and strategic techniques. Some eco-friendly prevention methods include:

  1. Orange oil: Spray onto high-risk areas for termites about once a year, including crawl spaces and attics.
  2. Cardboard traps: These contain the cellulose that attracts termites, and may attract nearby termites, which are trapped and then disposed of by burning.
  3. Sunlight: Termites are very sensitive to sunlight, and exposing infested furniture to daylight can kill off any hidden termites.
  4. Diatomaceous earth: Used to control many types of garden pests, this can be mixed with soil, water, or paint to help keep termites away.
  5. Nematodes: Certain groups of parasitic nematodes are known to feed on termites, making them a natural form of biological control.
  6. Boric acid: Available in liquid or dust form, boric acid works to kill termites and other pests in or near the home.

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Can I Use Natural Methods to Treat Termites?

If you catch a termite issue before it starts, there is no need or use for chemical pesticides. However, if you have an active termite infestation, treatment should be performed by a professional, using the most effective products available. Orange oil, sunlight, nematodes, and other natural prevention methods simply won’t address a full-blown termite infestation.

Termite Prevention is Protection

If you are dedicated to regularly applying natural preventative treatments, you may have success with all-natural methods. As with all pests, prevention is the best form of control. In addition to these natural methods, it’s vital to schedule regular inspections by an expert who can look for early signs of termites in your home.