Are Termite Treatments Safe?

If you are dealing with a termite infestation in your Atlanta home, you’ll want to know if termite treatments are safe for you and your family. Most methods used to eliminate termites utilize chemicals that may be unsafe when not handled properly. When applied correctly, termite control products (termiticides) are very safe and people do not generally suffer from any residual effects. If proper precautions are taken before and after termite treatment, no one in your home should have to worry about unsafe conditions.

Are Termite Treatments Safe in Atlanta; Call Active Pest Control for Termite Control and Prevention

Are Termite Treatments Effective?

There is an ongoing debate within the pest control industry concerning which termite treatment works best, often comparing liquid termite treatments with baiting systems. In general, both of these treatment methods are effective in controlling active termite infestations, as well as preventing new ones. Some of the advantages of liquid termiticide include the fact that it allows for accurate treatment with minimal disruption to your landscape, uses a responsible and low-odor dosage, and can last for over 10 years. Sentricon, on the other hand, is a great system for those who prefer to have a professional regularly monitor their home and baiting stations for effectiveness in keeping termites away.

How Liquid Termite Treatments Work

  • When a termite ingests or touches a termiticide, it becomes a carrier, transferring the treatment to other termites it comes into contact with.
  • These treated termites become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer the treatment to other termites, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony.
  • This process is called the “transfer effect,” and it helps to eliminate termites in order to maximize the protection of your home.

How Sentricon Works

  • Bait stations are installed in the ground around your home. The scientifically engineered bait begins working to destroy any active colonies.
  • The active ingredient in this engineered bait, which is nearly ten times more attractive to termites than wood, works to prevent termites from maturing. When the termites are unable to molt, they will die.
  • Ongoing service and inspections by a professional will ensure the Sentricon bait system continues to work month after month and year after year.

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Termite Treatment Options You Can Trust

When you make the decision to address a termite infestation in your home, it’s vital to work with a professional termite exterminator who has access to state-of-the-art termite control options. Between our trusted treatments, thorough inspections, and year-round services, you can trust that Active Pest Control is committed to keeping your Atlanta property termite-free, all year long. Contact us today to learn which termite treatment option is best for your property.