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How to Spot Bed Bugs in Georgia

To spot bed bugs, it’s important to look at the most common areas where they hide.

Bed bugs may be tiny, but it’s important to know where to find them. To spot bed bugs, it’s important to look at the most common areas where they hide: mattresses and box springs, mattress tags, behind baseboards, and upholstered furniture.

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There are several additional areas where bed bugs can be found:

  • Bedding
  • Wallpaper
  • Power outlets
  • Luggage

Can You See Bed Bugs?

Adult bed bugs are only the size of an apple seed and can be hard to spot. They’re especially hard to find for two reasons: they often hide out of sight, and they’re commonly confused for other bugs. In addition, bed bugs are nocturnal and nest in their cracks and crevices until they come out to feed at night. This makes it difficult to know when you’re dealing with an infestation.


Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

When an infestation begins, it’s often when the bed bugs have been carried inside. Bed bugs hide inside luggage, backpacks, purse, and even in clothing. This is why so many infestations start after someone has returned home after traveling! In addition, bed bugs are commonly brought indoors when infested used furniture is transported. Luckily, bed bugs don’t typically travel on people. Once indoors, bed bugs will spread to several areas of the property that provide a hiding spot for them to rest until they are active overnight.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs in Georgia

Because bed bugs are active at night, it can be hard to know where they are during the day. For the most part, bed bugs hide wherever people tend to sleep or rest. This includes bedding and mattresses, but also upholstered furniture, chairs, and more. They can also be found behind wallpaper, under the edge of rugs or a carpet, inside wall cracks, electrical outlets, and any other narrow spot inside your property.

How to spot bed bugs in Georgia

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