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What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are red to brown in color with flat, oval-shaped bugs that are about the size of an apple seed. Their bodies are divided into three segments, with six legs and two antennae at the top of their head.

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The main characteristics of bed bugs are:

  • Reddish-brown in color
  • Flat bodies that may appear engorged after feeding
  • Adults grow to be 5 mm long
  • Eggs are white, oblong, and about 1 mm long

How Big are Bed Bugs?

Adult bed bugs can grow to be 5 mm long, or about the size of an apple seed. In average, the adult bed bug ranges from ¼ to 3/16 of an inch. Their size can change depending on whether they’ve recently fed or not. After a blood meal, the bed bug body will appear slightly longer, more cylindrical, and more red. Adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye even though they tend to hide out of view.


Bed Bug Life Cycle

The bed bug life cycle includes bed bug eggs followed by five larvae (or nymph) stages. Bed bugs lay their eggs in mattresses, furniture, wall cracks, baseboards, and floorboards. These eggs are white, oblong, and only about 1 mm long. Nymphs look like miniature versions of the adult bed bug. After blood meals, the bed bug nymph will shed its exoskeleton several times before maturing into an adult bed bug.

Bed Bug Identification in Georgia

Bed bugs are commonly mistaken for other types of bugs, making it important to know what they look like. Because they can be hard to see, it’s recommended to use a magnifying glass to help identify them. Otherwise, it’s wise to consult the help of a professional bed bug company in identifying bed bugs. By knowing what bed bugs look like, you can differentiate them from other pests in your home!

What do bed bugs look like? in Georgia

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