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5 Ways to Keep Rodents Away This Fall

5 Ways to Keep Rodents Away This Fall in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlIt’s fall, meaning it’s the season of the rodent! Every year in the fall and winter here in Atlanta, the number of rodent infestations goes way up. But why? As temperatures begin to dip this time of year, rat and mouse problems begin to get worse as the pests look for somewhere to bunker down for the winter. With Rodent Awareness Week around the corner, the experts at Active Pest Control are here to share all you need to know about seasonal rodent infestations, including what you can do to keep them at bay. Read on to learn more!

How to Keep Rats and Mice Away in Atlanta

Rodents are very apt at getting into your home much easier than you’d think. Mice, in particular, can squeeze through openings the size of a pencil eraser, and rats are extremely apt jumpers and climbers. In fact, some rodents can scale vertical walls, including brick and concrete walls. Needless to say, it’s important to learn how to make your property inaccessible to them entirely.

Our top five tips to keep rodents away are as follows.

  1. Inspect your property to look for any openings rodents may have snuck through. By sealing these openings and closing up gaps around vents and soffits, you can effectively keep rodents out.
  2. Further rat-proof your property by repairing your roof and monitoring drains. By limiting their access points, you can get rid of the means by which rodents get inside of your property.
  3. Look into traps and baits. If you have just a couple of rodents in your property, you can effectively get rid of them using bait or traps. Keep in mind this is not a strong enough solution for an entire infestation.
  4. Implement preventative measures. Simple pest prevention measures go a long way to keep rodents away, too. This includes taking proper care of your yard and maintaining a tidy yard.
  5. Get professional rodent control services. If you have a serious rodent problem, the best thing you can do is hire a pest control expert. A professional will know to safely and effectively get rid of the pests for good.

Rodent Prevention in the Fall

Every Rodent Awareness Week, the rodent exterminators at Active Pest Control aim to educate our community about the dangers of rodent infestations. To avoid them, it’s crucial to put a stop to rats getting inside in the first place. To learn more about keeping rats and mice out this fall and winter, contact us today to learn more!

5 Ways to Keep Rodents Away This Fall in Georgia

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