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Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders in Georgia

Wolf spidersA wolf spider found in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control, Allgood Pest Solutions are some of the most fearsome spiders in the Atlanta GA area. With a much larger size, blistering pace, a predatory nature and a name to match, it’s no wonder that so many people jump at the sight of a wolf spider.

But how worried do we have to be about wolf spiders? Do wolf spiders bite humans? Are they venomous? In this blog, our spider specialists at Active Pest Control will answer all of the commonly asked questions about wolf spiders and teach you how to deal with one when you find it in your home.

What Do Wolf Spiders Look Like?

Wolf spiders live not only in every U.S. state but practically every climate region in the world. When they’re looking for shelter they usually burrow into the ground, but during the cold winter months, they often find their way indoors looking for warmth. Here’s how to tell if that spider in your home is a wolf spider:

  • They are bigger and hairier than your average spider—wolf spiders have been mistaken for tarantulas at their largest!
  • They range from light brown to gray in color with dark stripes ribboning along their back and circling their legs.
  • They have four large eyes and four smaller eyes underneath. Their unique ocular alignment is a large contributor to their stellar hunting skills.

Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous?

Wolf spiders are ferocious predators at the level that they live on. However, when it comes to humans, like most spiders, wolf spiders would rather retreat than try to wage war. That said, plenty of people have experienced wolf spider bites before as a consequence of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or simply by provoking them.

Wolf spiders do produce a venom that they use to kill their prey, but this venom isn’t lethal to humans. It is, however, quite a painful experience to be bitten by a wolf spider. If you are bitten by a wolf spider, follow these steps:

  1. Wash the bite area with soap and warm water
  2. Make sure the bite area stays clean
  3. Elevate the site of the bite when resting
  4. Use an ice pack to reduce pain and swelling

Keeping Spiders Out in Atlanta GA

If you’re worried that you’ve found a wolf spider in your home and don’t want to deal with it yourself, you can always rely on your local pest control company to take care of it. Our spider removal specialists will not only be able to remove all active spiders in your home, but also help you seal off your home to future spiders and identify any vulnerabilities that could be attracting them in the first place. Don’t hesitate to feel at ease in your own home—contact us today for a free quote!

Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders in Georgia in Georgia

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