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What’s That Bug in Your Bathroom?

What silverfish look like in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlThe bathroom is the place where we go to get clean. The last thing we want is for our bathrooms to be teeming with unwanted critters! Many kinds of pests are attracted to the moisture and humidity that accumulates in our bathrooms, whether that be for hospitable temperatures, water to drink, or to prey on the insects that are gathering there. Read on to learn from the experts at Active Pest Control about the types of pests that congregate in our Atlanta bathrooms.

Common Pests Found in the Bathroom

These three pests are some of the most common bathroom-dwellers in Atlanta GA:

  1. Ants: Some ants are attracted to the sweet scents of perfumes, body washes, shampoos, and other hygiene and beauty products in our bathrooms. They stick around for the standing water in our showers and sinks.
  2. Cockroaches: Roaches thrive in dark and humid environments, so if you have leaky pipes in the cabinets under your sink, you are creating the ideal home for roaches. They will also go so far as to eat soap and toothpaste!
  3. Silverfish: Silverfish are attracted to the same qualities in our bathrooms as roaches. However, they have a much harder time climbing smooth surfaces, so if you’re having trouble identifying the pests at the bottom of your shower or sink, you might be dealing with silverfish.

Centipedes, spiders, and drain flies are all also commonly found in bathrooms in our area.

How to Prevent Pests in Your Bathroom

Keeping pests out of your bathroom starts with keeping things dry. Here are some extra measures that you can adopt into your regular cleaning routine:

  • Wipe up standing water on countertops, water fixtures, and the floor
  • Keep your bathroom properly ventilated—opening windows and using a fan can help reduce moisture on your walls caused by a hot shower
  • Regularly check your plumbing fixtures for cracks or leaks
  • Clean up residue from toothpaste, soap, or other hygiene products often

Following these steps should significantly reduce your liability for a pest outbreak in your bathroom. These tenets apply throughout your house, too—excess moisture and unnecessary filth always attract pests!

Keeping Your Bathroom Pest-Free in Atlanta GA

If you’re having trouble keeping pests out of your bathroom in Atlanta, talk to your local pest control company about your problem. At Active Pest Control, we train our technicians to perform comprehensive inspections, finding every potential source of excess moisture or other pest-inviting vulnerabilities. For more information on our services or a free quote, contact us today!

What’s That Bug in Your Bathroom? in Georgia

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