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A Shakespearean Tragedy For Termites

In neighborhoods and suburbs all across the United States, a Shakespearean tragedy is unfolding every single day due to an advancement in home termite protection call the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This is how the story goes.

In a nearby country, where a stronghold has thrived for several years, new kings and queens are born in great numbers and sent out into the world to establish new strongholds to advance the reach of the kingdom. Many of these kings and queens perish in the journey, but those that survive quickly set themselves to the task of birthing workers to do their bidding. If workers do well, they may rise to the position of a soldier and be given the great honor of protecting the fortress from enemy kingdoms. Most do not. Their lot in life is to toil all their days in the wood mines, never to see the light of day. Their singular task is to bring food back to feed the offspring of the queen, the soldiers, and eventually the queen herself. But their new kingdom is almost immediately in danger.

This new land in which they have chosen to build their fortress belongs to another, more powerful inhabitant. An enemy that knows how to defend its great treasures of wood. An enemy that knows them even better than they know themselves. A trap has already been set.

As workers go out to gather food, they stumble upon a sweet and scrumptious treat they believe the queen will love. Each in turn eats of this wonderful delicacy and takes it back to the fortress and past the soldiers who stand guard, deep into the heart of the stronghold where the babies are.

The workers share this new food with the babies, and the queen is pleased. This wonderful food will make them stronger and help them conquer this new land. But unbeknownst to her, a great betrayal is about to occur.

After the workers have eaten, and the babies have had their fill, this new and amazing food is brought before the queen. She considers it carefully. The workers have eaten of it and they are well. Her babies have eaten of it and they are well. There seems to be no cause for fear. So she takes of it and eats.

Without warning, her workers begin to die, and the colony goes into a panic. Soon her babies begin to die as well. Dark horror settles on the queen. Poison! Poison has found its way into their stronghold! But it is too late. She can already feel it sickening her belly. It is over. Her fortress has fallen. All is lost.

If you have the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System protecting your home, this is how the story will go for those wood-eating termites when they come to invade your home. Let the tragedy be for the termites. Your home is your castle. If they chose to invade, they bring destruction upon themselves!


A Shakespearean Tragedy For Termites in Georgia

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