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Advice For Pantry Pests In Atlanta

Have you ever experienced an infestation in your pantry? Are you experiencing one right now? There are few things in life as gut twisting as finding something crawling inside your pantry food. There are also few things in life as frustrating as trying to get rid of pantry pests. But don’t worry. We have your back, Atlanta. Here is your quick guide to fixing a pantry pest problem and making sure you don’t get another.

Understanding Pantry Pests

When we say pantry pest we’re not talking about cockroaches, rodents or ants. Though these creatures are definitely a threat to your pantry, they don’t attack your pantry the same way pests that are classified as pantry pests. These three will work their way in through your walls to get at your food. Pantry pests, like Indian meal moths, beetles, and weevils, are more likely to get into your pantry by hitchhiking in the food you purchase from the grocery store. Once inside your pantry, they spread between packages and increase their populations.


If you already protect your pantry from cockroaches, rodents, and ants, by keeping your foods in hard plastic containers, you will be one step ahead of those who do not. Storing food this way won’t prevent you from getting an infestation, but it will definitely help to contain it. Pantry pest eggs can be invisible to the naked eye. So, you may miss an infestation when you pour packaged food into your plastic containers, but at least they won’t spread to other stored foods.

How do you keep from bringing tainted food home? The best you can do is to inspect pantry food packages thoroughly before you purchase them. Look for any holes, broken seals or damage. If the food company has done its job, this is the only way these pests can get into your foods.

Removing Your Infestation

If you have a current infestation, it is really best to hire a professional to fix your problem. Getting rid of pantry pests is tricky and requires knowledge of pest protocols. If you try to tackle this problem yourself, you may end up eating tainted food without realizing it.

Preventing Future Infestations

Stopping future infestation is a straightforward process when you inspect food at the store and use hard plastic, sealable containers, but we realize this is not for everyone. If you prefer to keep your foods in paper and cardboard, follow these simple steps.

  • Put new items in the back and old items in the front.
  • Go through your pantry on a routine basis and throw out items that are past their due date.
  • Keep your shelves clean of particulate food matter.
  • Seal any cracks in your pantry walls.

If you have pantry pests in your Atlanta home, Active Pest Control can help. Our nationally recognized, QualityPro team has the experience and education to cleanse your pantry of these disturbing bugs and the expertise to show you how to keep them out for good. We also have special plans to keep your home pest-free* throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a one-time service or a special pest plan, give us a call today!

Advice For Pantry Pests In Atlanta in Georgia

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