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It’s Fall, What’s All the Stink About?

Well, it’s that time of year again. The weather starts to cool off giving us warm wonderful less-humid days and cool, crisp nights. The leaves begin their annual ritual of changing from their deep hues of green to their dancing fall colors of red, yellow, and orange. You cannot go for a drive anywhere without at least a glimpse of this remarkable beauty. This truly is one of the most beautiful times of year in Tennessee, but it also signifies a change.

The carefree days of summer have come to an end, and it is time to begin preparing for the winter months. We think about filling the fuel tank in preparation for heating costs this winter. We also reluctantly start picking up lawn furniture and ornaments to store through the cold months. The leaves begin to fall, so our weekends are filled with raking up this forlorn foliage and bagging it for disposal or burning it in the fire. It is the time of year when we give our vehicles a once over making sure they have the proper amount of tread on the tires, the windshield fluids are topped off, the radiator has the proper levels in it, and the oil is changed.

It is the time of year when the harvest comes in, and we reap the bounty of our crops. The weather is finally cool enough to light the ovens and we begin to bake our apple pies and apple crisp with those red juices overflowing from the trees. There is hardly a home where the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg is not flowing from the kitchen windows. Along with it, you can usually smell the fresh, baked bread as that warm, yeasty scent fills the air and wafts through the window. The squash is finally ready and the potatoes are fresh for harvest. It is a wonderful time of year full of harvest and feasting, but it is also full of preparations and toil.

We are not the only ones that spend our fall feasting and preparing for the cold months ahead. Stink bugs and other pesky insects are doing the same thing. Those shield shaped, tannish stink bugs are not just gathering on the walls of your home or barn to catch a few rays in hopes of a darker suntan. They are actually working. That’s right, working. They are in search of the tiniest of cracks or crevices that will allow them entry into your home for the winter. After spending the summer months feasting on your fruits, vegetables, and flowers, they are now ready to settle down for a long winter’s nap inside of your house.

These odd looking little creatures really can cause quite a stir once they choose your house as their winter destination. Although these little pests are not known for carrying diseases to humans, although not very commonly reported, they are known to cause allergic reactions and skin rashes in some people, so that fall cold you think you have may actually be the rhinitis or conjunctivitis that the stink bug shared with you!

These insects will actually gather in very large numbers, so if you have seen one inside, just look around – you just might see hundreds more emerging from your baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and door or window frames. Then, just try stepping on one or squishing it with your hands – but be sure to hold your nose. The smell of rotten cucumber will fill your nostrils and send you running for the door! So as you begin all your fall preparations, don’t forget to make sure you prepare for the invasion of stink bugs and other pests. Preventative measures need to be taken now in order to spend the winter in a pest-free* home.

  • Fix cracks around windows and doors
  • Be sure your screens are in good working order and have no gaps or tears
  • Fill any holes around utility pipes and chimneys with silicone or latex caulking
  • Keep bagged leaves and debris or piles of them stored away from your house
  • Make sure your trash cans have tightly covered lids and are emptied regularly
  • Inspect your foundation for signs of trouble and repair any breaches
  • Keep gutters and drains free from debris and in good working order

When fall preparations bring you face to face with unwanted pests, give Active Pest Control a call. We have the expertise and experience to safely deal with your pest issues. Our family owned pest control company has been dealing with pests for almost 40 years; and has the training and technology to eliminate pests while protecting your environment. So, whether you are dealing with stink bugs or any of the myriad of fall pests that want to wander in your home, we are on the job waiting to serve you with friendly, professional service.

It’s Fall, What’s All the Stink About? in Georgia

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