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Beach Bugs

No. This isn’t an article about sand fleas. It is about picking up bugs when you visit the beach. You may not realize it, but going on a trip is the best way to get bed bugs. These bugs are hitchhikers that establish their nests in places where humans live and sleep. If you’d like to avoid a bed bug infestation in your Atlanta home, the best way to do it is to be on the look out for bed bugs when you travel.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says there are a dozen great beaches to explore within driving distance of Atlanta. But, whether you’re looking for a small friendly beach like the one on Tybee Island, watersports and golfing like those found at Hilton Head, or the kind of pier park entertainment only Panama City Beach can provide, there is one thing for sure: You want to bring home memories, not bugs. So, no matter where you decide to take your beach vacation, follow this guide to prevent these bugs from traveling back with you.

The first step you should always take is to stop by before you finalize your travel plans. Do a search for where you’ll be staying and see if anyone has reported issues with bed bugs there. Be aware that a few bed bugs found on a pillow, doesn’t mean the entire establishment is infested. These bugs travel in on other guests. Even if a hotel has the best pest program in the world, a few bugs can be brought in by one guest and reported by the next. Just keep your guard up and follow these tips.

  1. If you see a report on, and it has you worried, it can ease your mind to know if it was an isolated incident. When you first arrive, ask someone at the desk what their bed bug plan is. If they have an immediate answer, that is a very good sign. It means they are actively fighting bed bugs.
  2. Always check your room before bringing your luggage in. Pull the blankets down on the bed and search for tiny rust-colored bugs, discarded casings or tiny brown blood stains. Pull up the edges of the sheets and examine the mattress creases and corners for black staining. And, use a flashlight to check the backboard and all upholstered furniture in the room.
  3. If you find bugs in your room, report them immediately, and request to be moved to another room. Be sure they don’t place you in an adjacent room, or a room that is above or below the room that is infested.
  4. Be calm. Even if you find bed bugs, it may be a small and isolated event. You’ll be fine, as long as they move you away from the infested room. Just be sure to refrain from leaving dirty clothes or wet towels on the floor during your stay and check all the seams of your luggage for bugs or white eggs when you pack to go home.
  5. When you get home, immediately wash and dry everything on the hottest temperature. This will kill bugs at every stage of development.
  6. If you believe you brought bugs home with you, call Active Pest Control of Atlanta to do an inspection and eradicate the bugs. Never try to do a heat treatment on your own.

Enjoy your time in the sun and surf, and keep a wary eye out for these bugs. Not only can they come home with you, they can leave unsightly red welts on your beach body. And, that is never a fun way to start a beach vacation.

Beach Bugs in Georgia

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