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Common Moths In Knoxville

When a moth gets into your Knoxville home, it is important to know what kind of moth it is. While moths themselves aren’t much of a threat, their offspring can be. It is the larvae of moths that can infest your food and cause damage to your belongings. In Tennessee, there are two common moths that have offspring that can do these things in your home. We’re going to take a quick look at them today and talk about what you need to know most about clothes moths and Indian meal moths.


The easiest way to determine what kind of moth you have is not by visual identification but by where you find these moths. Since clothes moths, also referred to as casemaking clothes moths, have larvae that feed on clothing and other fabrics. These moths are likely to be drawn to closet and storage areas that have fabrics in them. Indian meal moths are pantry pests. You’re going to find these moths fluttering around areas where food is stored.

Visually, these moths are quite different. The Indian meal moth has bold bands of brown and tan coloring, with a large portion of the tips of its wings being a dark brown. Clothing moths are more of a uniform tan coloring and they have a furry head.

Clothing Moth Diet

If you’re seeing a moth fluttering around your home, it is an adult, and you don’t have much to worry about with adult clothing moths feeding on your belongings. They do not eat. Their only purpose, once they reach adulthood, is to lay eggs and create a new batch of moths. It is the young moths that feed on clothing, bed spreads, curtains, tapestries, and other fabric–and these do not look like moths at all. They are creamy-white caterpillars.

Indian Meal Moth’s Diet

These moths will feed on a wide variety of pantry food, but they are particularly fond of flour, rice, cereals, pasta, dry pet food, spices, seeds, and nuts. Like the clothing moth, these moths are only looking to lay eggs in the food they are fluttering around. It is the larvae that feed on pantry foods. They are also creamy-white caterpillars.

Pest Control For Moth

If moths have taken root in your Knoxville home, it is vital to call a pest control expert. These can be frustrating pests to deal with without an education in their biology and behavioral patterns. Have one of the knowledgeable pest specialists here at Active Pest Control do a thorough inspection and provide targeted protocols to eliminate the infestation before these invaders can do any more harm. Reach out to us right here on our webpage for immediate assistance.

Common Moths In Knoxville in Georgia

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