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Do Cockroaches Only Come Out at Night?

CockroachesA cockroach found in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control are some of the grossest pests that we deal with here in Atlanta GA. A cockroach infestation is often the sign of an unkempt kitchen or bathroom. These pests feed on any food source that they can find in your home, from crumbs to leftovers, to pet food, to all kinds of decaying natural matter. The problem with roaches is that they often move discreetly, so you may not find them until your problem is out of hand.

So, do cockroaches only come out at night? And what does it mean if you find them in your home during the day? The roach experts at Active Pest Control have the answers—read on to learn!

Are Cockroaches Nocturnal Insects?

Yes, cockroaches are nocturnal, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll never see them during the day. Like most insects, they spend a majority of the day in states of inactivity or very minimal activity. They will spend this time resting in dark, moist places in or around your home, which could be:

  • Underneath sinks and inside cabinets
  • Near plumbing fixtures
  • Behind wallpaper and in wall paneling
  • Underneath mats and rugs
  • In piles of trash or clutter, and more

Once the sun sets, the roaches will take to the floors and walls to scavenge for any sort of foot materials that they can find.

Why Do Cockroaches Come Out During the Day?

Seeing roaches crawling around inside your home usually means that there is a serious infestation going on. The roach resting places have possibly become so overcrowded that they have started staggering times of activity. In order to find enough food to eat, they will have to go against their bodies’ natural patterns of sleep and activity to sustain themselves.

When you find roaches in your house during the day, you’ll likely jump to take any measures you can to get rid of them. Unfortunately, roaches are some of the most resilient pests on the planet and take serious strategy and power to eradicate. People often find that cheap insecticides and traps to use on your own fall far short of dealing with their cockroach infestation.

Cockroach Infestations in Atlanta GA

Some ways to prevent cockroach infestations include keeping a clean bathroom and kitchen, sealing your food and storing it properly, routinely checking for leaks in plumbing fixtures, and other measures associated with general cleanliness. Once an infestation actually develops in your home, the work is best left to a professional pest control company. At Active Pest Control, we pride ourselves on eliminating roach infestations safely and quickly, as well as teaching our customers how to prevent future roach outbreaks for good. For a free quote, contact us today!

Do Cockroaches Only Come Out at Night? in Georgia

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