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Got Earwigs?

While the heading above may sound like a great slogan for a company that sells earwigs, that is only because you can’t hear the inflection. There is no rising sound at the end to convey a sense of helpful curiosity, as if to say, “Do you have earwigs?, because they are super good for you.” If you could hear it, you would recognize the matter-of-fact tone of understanding and sympathy. We know how irritating earwigs can be. Fortunately, that is pretty much all they are. You’re not going to have to worry about diseases from those creepy bugs. And earwigs won’t destroy your belongings or your home with those foreboding pincers. They’re just gross. But, when earwigs begin to appear inside your home, there are a few things you should know.

What You Should Know About Earwigs

  • Earwigs are moisture pests. They tunnel in moist soil and they love to crawl around in moist, rotting wood. If you have lots of earwigs in your home, you should definitely call a carpenter, or some other handy-person, and have them do a detailed inspection of your home. Water damage can be quite destructive if left unfixed.
  • While water damage is definitely a prime way earwigs will access a home, it is by no means the only way. All homes have entry points. And, the older the home, the more entry points it is likely to have. When homes settle, gaps can form. When expansion and contraction occurs it can create cracks. Look closely around pipes, conduit, windows, and doors. If you see gaps or cracks, use a caulking gun and seal them.
  • Since earwigs are moisture pests, it is possible to make them uncomfortable when they come into your home. If you add fans or a dehumidifier in a humid location, it can drive earwigs back out.
  • If you have a wood pile or organic debris that is sitting next to your home, it could be part of the reason you have earwigs. These insects love leaf litter, leaf piles, wood stacks, construction materials, bushes, and other plants. Reducing these near your home can help to resist earwigs.
  • The best way to keep earwigs out of your home is with the help of ongoing pest service from a pest control company. This comes with the added benefit of addressing a wide range of other household pests–some that can be a threat to your health and property.

For assistance with earwigs, moisture pests, or any other household pest you’ve been finding in your home, reach out to Active Pest Control today.

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