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What To Do About Spooky Pests

What Halloween would be complete without spiderwebs on window panes, bat decorations hanging on strings, and big, fat, Halloween rats? These creatures of the night go quite nicely with the theme of Halloween. We love to get a spook and a scare, and few things can get our hearts pumping like spiders, bats, and rodents. And there are good reasons for this.


While most spiders are harmless to us and only capable of leaving an itchy red welt, they can easily cause us to freak out by simply perching on us while we watch a movie in the living room or by crawling on us as we’re about to go to bed. Spiders are creepy. In fact, the word creepy probably came about by someone looking at a spider making its way up a wall. But, not all spiders that come into our homes are harmless. The brown recluse is a common house spider that can dwell exclusively with humans, and its venom has necrotic properties that can cause serious harm.


When a bat flutters across the open sky or in front of the moon, it can cause some to have a feeling of dread. Though bats are skittish creatures that rarely attack people, their behavior can change significantly if they are sick with rabies. There are reports of people being attacked while coming and going from their homes. But most of the time bites from bats happen when people attempt to capture bats. This has led to bats being put on the top of the list of rabies-spreading pests. That is pretty scary.


As scary pests go, rodents might be on the top of the list. These creepy critters have a way about them that can make the toughest of us come a little bit unglued when we see them in a location we’re not expecting. But, it is what we don’t see that makes rodents truly scary. When they come into a home they can spread harmful bacteria and diseases as they roam.

Halloween is about spooky things, but only when those spooky things are decorations. No one likes having real creatures running around in their home. But fall is when many pests come in to get out of the cold. If you’d prefer to keep them out, let Active Pest Control give you hand. Excluding bugs and wild animals is what we’re trained to do. For information, or to schedule a service visit, contact us today to set up a time. And have a happy, pest-free*, Halloween.

What To Do About Spooky Pests in Georgia

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