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Guide to Checking For Bed Bugs in Hotels

Guide to Checking For Bed Bugs in Hotels in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control

Hotel rooms, no matter whether they are in a five-star resort or a roadside motel, are ideal bed bug breeding grounds. The risk of these pests must be considered, whether you work in a hotel or are traveling in the near future. According to PestWorld, hotel rooms are one of the three most common places where people encounter bed bugs. Bed bugs have been on the rise for the past decade, and are experiencing another surge as people begin to travel again after the pandemic.

Active Pest Control understands how distressing dealing with bed bugs can be. In this blog, our experts share everything you need to know about inspecting hotel rooms for bed bugs.

Why Are Hotels Prone to Bed Bugs?

There are more and more bed bugs being found not just in residential homes but also in hotels. So what makes hotels so susceptible to these pests? Bed bugs are called “hitchhiking” pests because they can hide in mattresses, bed frames, and other parts of a room just waiting for a new host to arrive. Bed bugs in a hotel are rarely short of a meal source. The resurgence of bed bugs in hotels makes it crucial to always be on the lookout for them when traveling.

Guide For Hotel Bed Bug Inspections

No matter whether you are a housekeeper or a guest in a hotel, the same checklist applies when it comes to inspecting for bed bugs. The top 5 spots to look for these pests are:

  • Mattress, box spring & bed frame
  • Sofas, chairs, pillows, & other seating
  • Wardrobes, dressers, & baseboards
  • Nightstands and wall fixtures
  • Closet items

Hotel Bed Bug Inspection Guide

Need Professional Bed Bug Treatment?

Immediately notify the hotel’s manager if you suspect your room has bed bugs. This helps prevent bed bugs from spreading throughout the hotel. If you work with bed bug control professionals like Active Pest Control, you can trust that the best bed bug treatments will be applied to keep these pests away. Get in touch with us today!

Guide to Checking For Bed Bugs in Hotels in Georgia

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