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Mouse-Free Thanksgiving

Before you know it, your doorbell will be ringing, and your house will be filling with family and friends gathering to share in the joy of the holidays with you. Can’t you just smell the turkey as it slowly roasts in the oven? Your nose fills with the tantalizing scent of the sausage, onion, bread, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and sage as they join together in harmony slowly perfecting that holiday stuffing. Then there is the abundance of vegetables that are all adorned with a hefty heap of butter as they slowly steam filling the air with the smell of yum! And who can forget that sweet, delectable scent of the warm apple pie, blueberry pie, or pumpkin pie that tries to entice you to have a dessert first? There is absolutely nothing in the world as wonderful to the senses as Thanksgiving!

All of this, however, only serves to remind you of all the work and preparation that is still left to do; and all of it must be completed in just a few short days. There is shopping to do and baking to bake, and, Oh that dreaded housework that must be done to perfection. Let’s see, vacuuming, washing windows, scrubbing floors and bathrooms, making up the guest rooms……so much work, so little time! Now to the kitchen! The refrigerator must be cleaned and polished to a shine and so does the stove. The china must be taken from the hutch, washed, and stacked for display. Then off to the pantry to organize so the relatives don’t see the disorganized mess that usually lives there.

You think you are on the last bit of housekeeping, when all of a sudden you see it! The side of the tapioca box has a little chew mark on it. At first, you wonder if you accidentally tore it when you opened it, but then you realize something used teeth on that tear. You frantically begin to sweep boxes and cans side to side searching, and then you find it! Those little blackish, oval pieces of yuck – that mice deposited after eating your dry goods – are right there in plain sight. Why hadn’t you noticed them before you wonder as you go to work disinfecting the pantry cupboards?

Once you disinfect, deodorize, and eliminate all the germs you possibly can, you pick up your cell phone and call Active Pest Control. You realize that if there are signs of mice, then there are mice; and mice are too social for there to be just a few. There is no way that you can serve those you love knowing that those germy little disease carrying rodents have invited themselves for dinner and have been crawling all over your dishes, food, and silverware! You also know that the professionals here at Active Pest Control have made our company one of the top 25 pest control companies in the country and that Active Pest Control is known for fast, effective, safe, Eco-friendly pest control services.

That doorbell rings – for real this time -, and your house is soon full of guests for Thanksgiving dinner. As you pull that turkey, steaming hot, from the oven, you think back to that phone call to Active Pest Control. You remember how Active Pest Control showed up the very next day and completely took care of those mice, and now that you have the Active Pest Control Complete plan working for you, you never have to worry about pests ruining your day again! A smile breaks over your face as you realize that a huge crisis was quickly and safely averted by the trusted hands of the Active Pest Control family.

Mouse-Free Thanksgiving in Georgia

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