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Termite Protection Is Crucial Protection

Did you know that termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage annually in the United States?  It seems like an incredibly large number, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s because it is!  The reason this number is so high, and continues to grow, is because most people don’t even know that they have termites until the damage is extensive – often beyond repair!  These little pests do most of their eating, sleeping, breeding, and living deep in the bowels of your home.  This makes them extremely difficult for homeowners to discover.  An extremely attentive homeowner may notice some of the signs:  small piles of wings on the window sill, swarming ‘flying ants’ in the yard after a rain on a warm day, or small piles of ‘sawdust’ lying around in odd places; however, most homeowners can just brush these subtle signs away.  Besides, you may think, “Well, that’s why I have homeowners insurance,” but don’t think that too soon because most insurance carriers have a clause in their policies stating that they will not cover the cost of repair or replacement for damages caused by termites!  Talk about kicking you when you’re down!  This means that the majority of that $5 billion annually has to be absorbed by you – the homeowner!

In the not so distant history of pest control, the only point of attack of termite infestation was handled by trying to eliminate infestations after they occur, but often, they would return in a short amount of time.  It was not very effective, and often costly.  Thank goodness that we have discovered a far more effective way to deal with termites.  Exclusion!  That’s right; the newer way to deal with these pests is to not even let them in in the first place!  That is where a call to a pest control professional like Active Pest Control comes in.

Here at Active Pest Control, we use the Sentricon® Termite colony elimination system. This proven system monitors your yard and the boundaries of your home for termite activity, and when termites approach the discreet baiting stations they consume bait that will interrupt their growth and reproduction capabilities.  Not only that, but they love this bait even more than wood!  They are a social group and can’t wait to share this yummy snack with the rest of the colony; and, soon, the entire colony has been eliminated – before it could even enter your home!  It’s awesome!  Our trained specialists can inspect your property to locate any areas of easy access and help you eliminate those, and they can detect any current infestation inside your home and eliminate that as well.  Don’t become part of the statistics.  Protect your home, family and your pocketbook with a call to Active Pest Control today.  You’ll be glad you did.

Termite Protection Is Crucial Protection in Georgia

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