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Problems Mice Cause Around The Holidays

Christmas mice are adorable. They live in cozy little homes that look just like our homes, complete with a fireplace and paintings on the walls. Papa mouse sits in a comfy chair, smoking his pipe and reading his paper. Momma mouse wears an apron and prepares holiday food for her family. But those aren’t real Christmas mice. Those are the mice we see in movies and television shows. Let’s take a look at these differences and see if we can learn a little bit about real Christmas mice.

5 Ways Real Mice Would Ruin A Christmas Movie

  1. The homes that mice make are matted, dirty nests that can be wet from their own urine. They urinate in areas they sleep and eat. These nests are also in dark locations. They are not beautiful and well lit like the homes of cartoon Christmas mice.
  2. Mice leave their feces everywhere. If they did live in quaint little homes that look like ours, their homes would be filled with droppings. And, when they went on their adventures to save Christmas, we’d see all of the places they leave their feces along the way, like silverware drawers, cabinets, shelves, and more.
  3. The life of a mouse is driven by locating food. They have no interest in saving Christmas.
  4. The life of the mouse is not very interesting. They don’t have human jobs, like being the assistant to a clockmaker. Their lives are spent in darkness and seclusion. This is why they love our storage areas, pantries, attic spaces, and wall voids. And, when they’re in these places, they chew on lots of things, including sheetrock, boxes, insulation, furniture, and wires.
  5. Mice don’t speak English. Can you imagine watching a Christmas movie without dialog? That would be pretty boring. One of the ways real mice communicate is with the smell of their urine. It lets other mice know who’s related to whom. But that urine has an aroma that does not appeal to humans.

If you’re seeing or hearing real Christmas mice in your Atlanta home this season, let the team here at Active Pest Control know. We use state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge rodent control protocols to track down, remove, and exclude rodents. Mice may be fun to watch on those Christmas specials but they are not fun at all to have in your home. Avoid illness, property damage, and unwanted smells and noises with trusted rodent control from Active Pest Control.

Problems Mice Cause Around The Holidays in Georgia

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