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Tips For A Pest-Free Holiday Season

Are you ready for some holiday fun? What is your favorite thing about the holiday season? Do you look forward to watching Charlie Brown specials with your family? Is there a particular food or beverage that stands out from the rest? Is it the decorations you look forward to? There is so much to love about this time of year. As you prepare to have guests come over to your home, here are a few pest tips to make the holidays even nicer.

A Reason To Give Thanks

Do you plan on doing some baking? Those baked goods are going to be better without bugs. Try these pantry pest tips:

  • Check food packages carefully when you shop for baking ingredients. Many pantry pests hitchhike into your pantry.
  • Check the date on your stored foods. Place older items to the front and new items to the back. If anything is expired, be sure to throw it out. Bugs love expired food.
  • Many pests get into your pantry or kitchen from the outside of your home. Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks, and holes.

The Fly And Spider Connection

When flies get into your home, spiders are sure to follow. Flies are food for spiders. These tips should help to deter both:

  • Replace exterior lights with yellow-insect resistant lights. Keep curtains drawn at night. And reduce light outside your home at night.
  • Keep all trash sealed.
  • When you see spider webs, remove them quickly.
  • Keep things clean inside your home.
  • Put dishes in water, rather than next to the sink.
  • Put fruit in the refrigerator till you’re ready to consume it. This will prevent fruit flies.

Surprise Guests

This is a time of year when bed bugs spread. If you’d rather not have a bed bug infestation after your holiday guests go home, try the following:

  • Get to know what bed bugs look like in all stages of development so that you know a bed bug when you see one.
  • Get to know what bed bug bites look like, so you recognize them on your guests.
  • Get to know what signs bed bugs leave behind, so you are able to quickly respond to bed bugs before you have a full-blown infestation.

If you need any help keeping your Knoxville home pest-free* for the holidays, Active Pest Control can assist you. Our educated pest control professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced pest control protocols to keep bugs and wildlife out. Schedule a free inspection and let’s get you ready for the holidays together.

Tips For A Pest-Free Holiday Season in Georgia

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