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Rodents: The Diseases and Damage They Cause

Rodents can chew on wires and spread disease in your Atlanta GA home. The rodent exterminators at Active Pest Control can help!A rodent infestation is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only are they gross and messy—there are many dangers of rodents to be aware of! Rats and mice can contaminate any surface they walk across, spreading bacteria wherever they go. Some of the world’s most infamous diseases are spread by rats or mice feces, and the nesting habits of rodents can cause damage inside homes and businesses. Because rodent infestations can be dangerous, it’s important to always enlist the help of a rats and mice exterminator to get rid of them.

What Diseases are Spread by Rodents?

Rodent-borne diseases can be spread directly or indirectly. When they’re transmitted directly, it’s often when a human comes into contact with a rodent’s saliva or droppings, or a bite occurs. Indirectly, these diseases are spread by infected fleas, mites, and ticks. Some of the most dangerous diseases spread by rodents include the following:

  1. Hantavirus. Most often found in the urine and feces of deer mice, hantavirus can cause symptoms from fever and chills to aches in pains. In serious cases, it can lead to kidney failure or worse.
  2. Salmonella. The bacteria spread by rats and mice can track onto food. The most infamous bacteria is of course salmonella, known as food poisoning.
  3. Lyme Disease. This is of course transmitted by ticks, which are often carried by rats and mice. This disease is dangerous and can have long-term effects on health.
  4. Plague. Historically, the bubonic plague was caused by infected fleas that were carried by rats and mice. This disease can still be spread today.

Damage Caused by Rats & Mice

Rats have incisors that never stop growing … meaning they never stop chewing! Their chewing habits can lead to a lot of damage inside your home or business, especially when electrical wires are damaged. Exposed wires can short circuit and cause a fire hazard. Rats and mice will tear through materials to create nests, and rats have been known to cause structural damage in properties by cutting through tough materials in your home. If an infestation is ignored, the damage inflicted on your property can be more severe than you think.

Why Use a Rodent Exterminator?

To avoid the dangers of rodents, it’s important to work with a professional rats and mice exterminator such as Active Pest Control. Our rodent control team has the years of experience required to control infestations and keep rats out of Atlanta GA homes all year long. We can also help you learn more about preventing rodent infestations from ever starting in the first place!

Rodents: The Diseases and Damage They Cause in Georgia

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