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10 Facts About the German Cockroach

German cockroaches are one of the most common infestations in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlGerman cockroaches are the most abundant type of roach in the nation. German roaches are the fastest reproducing roach species, which is why they’re the most common type to infest homes and businesses. These cockroach infestations are typical in restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, and more, making it important to know how to identify this pest.

The experts at Active Pest Control share German cockroach facts to know in order to prevent them in your Atlanta GA or Knoxville TN home.

10 German Cockroach Facts

If you get a roach infestation, there’s a likely chance German roaches are the culprit. Some of the main things to know about German cockroaches include:

  1. German cockroaches can carry salmonella and other diseases.
  2. The pronotum (protective plate behind the head) on the German cockroach has two longitudinal dark stripes. This helps to identify them.
  3. The ootheca (egg case) of the German cockroach contains between 35–40 eggs, which take one month to hatch.
  4. German cockroaches have an extraordinary rate of reproduction. One female cockroach and her offspring can theoretically produce hundreds of thousands of offspring a year!
  5. A German cockroach takes from six weeks to six months to reach maturity.
  6. These cockroaches prefer areas of high temperatures and high humidity.
  7. They are able to climb on smooth surfaces because they have a sticky pad on their feet; this sticky pad is called an arolium.
  8. German cockroaches prefer to spend their lives hidden and protected. One sighting of a roach can mean many more are hidden inside walls, behind cabinets, inside appliances, and more.
  9. They regularly spread to new areas in a serious infestation.
  10. Cockroach skins have been tied back to causing severe asthmatic reactions in some people.

German Cockroach Prevention Tips

German cockroaches are infamous for eating pretty much anything they can find. Preventing them from infesting your home requires you to be vigilant about preventative pest control. To keep German cockroaches out of your Atlanta GA home, make sure to keep all food in sealed containers, secure your garbage securely, and store pet food in sealed containers with tight-fitting lids. Most importantly, properly clean your space on a regular basis, eliminate clutter, and be wary of carrying in old items before inspecting them.

German Roach Control

If you’re dealing with a German cockroach infestation, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a professional cockroach exterminator as soon as possible. German cockroaches aren’t just difficult to control, they can be dangerous, too! At Active Pest Control, we know how to implement cockroach control and prevention to keep you safe from German cockroaches year-round.

10 Facts About the German Cockroach in Georgia

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