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How to Set a Mousetrap

Mousetrap in Atlanta GA home - Active Pest Control provides expert tips on setting a mousetrap properlyNo one wants to deal with a mice infestation. Mice are a dreaded household pest because they spread disease and filth. Some of the signs you may have a mouse problem are droppings, foul odors, shredded insulation or cardboard, and—of course—spotting a mouse! Seeing even one may indicate that you have many more hidden, which is why it’s important to learn how to set a mousetrap.

How Does a Mousetrap Work?

There are several types of mousetraps, including electronic, catch-and-release, and glue traps. All types have their pros and cons. Perhaps the most common and popular type of mousetrap is the spring-loaded mousetrap. This classic design has been used for decades to catch mice, and is easier to set up than you may think!

Spring-loaded mousetraps are placed in areas of suspected rodent activity with bait. When the spring mechanism is triggered, the metal bar will snap and effectively catch the mouse.

5 Best Mousetrap Tips

When learning how to set a mousetrap, there are some tips to keep in mind. By keeping the following mousetrap tips in mind, you can be successful in setting mousetraps:

  1. Use the best mousetrap bait
    1. Contrary to popular opinion, some mice like cheese, and some don’t.
    2. You only need to use a small amount of bait that cannot be reached unless mice step on the trap. If they can swipe it without standing on the trap, they will!
  2. Start with unloaded mousetraps
    1. It may seem counter-intuitive, but start with unloaded traps (baited but not activated)!
    2. Mice are extremely skeptical of new things–especially human things.
    3. Set traps out with bait (without loading them) for a couple of nights. It lulls mice into a false sense of security.
  3. Use multiple traps at once
    1. By setting multiple traps two to three feet apart each, you have a better chance at catching as many mice as possible at once.
  4. Set mousetraps in the right places
    1. Mice travel along walls, under furniture, and generally any place that offers cover.
    2. Place mousetraps along walls and behind furniture, with the bait placed nearest to the wall.
  5. Check your mousetraps regularly
    1. Your mouse problem is not going to be gone overnight. It takes diligence to make sure traps are working, set, and not going to waste!
    2. Mice can, in some instances, grab bait without setting off the trap. They can also set the trap off without getting caught!

House Mouse Exterminators

If you’re still dealing with mice even after setting a few traps, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional pest control company. At Active Pest Control, our mice exterminators have years of experience properly getting rid of rodents in homes and businesses throughout Georgia. We will thoroughly inspect your property for sources of the infestation and customize a rodent control plan suited to your needs. To learn more about how to set a mousetrap or other mice extermination methods, give our team a call today!

How to Set a Mousetrap in Georgia

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