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Snakes in the Wall?

Snakes in the Wall in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control

Hearing hissing in the wall might not be as uncommon as you think. Snakes that chase mice or rats into the home can often be heard slithering or hissing behind the drywall.

Snakes are not common invaders like rodents or insects, but that does not mean they will not find their way inside. Snakes are generally lured into homes due to conditions which would favor food sources, like rodents. Dampness, darkness, and rodent smells can be three factors that lure snakes inside.

Since snakes are skinny, they can fit into any cracks or crevices that any rodent can fit through. Dryer vents, improperly sealed doors or windows, open pipes sticking out of the home, cracks in brick or siding, gutters, and wire entries are just a few different methods snakes can use to gain entry into the home.

Snakes can be found in the attic or slithering through the walls in search of food. If you have a rodent issue in the home, your chance of seeing a snake inside will increase greatly. Not only can snakes be heard moving through the wall, they can also be heard hissing or making other unusual noises.

Sometimes, as homeowners, we can forget about areas like crawlspaces or unfinished basements. Be sure to keep a check on these areas to make sure you are not harboring any unwanted guests. If they can find their way under the home, they can find their way inside! Potted plants moved in from outdoors also need to be thoroughly checked for snakes and other unwanted visitors!

If you do happen to come across snakes in the home don’t try to handle them yourself. Call Active Pest Control at 770-609-2548 to get a certified wildlife professional right away! You can take certain precautions to deter snakes from coming indoors: seal entry points, make sure doors and windows have proper seals, keep the yard trimmed low, keep debris away from the home, cover vents with screen/mesh, and most importantly, if you have an issue with rodents make sure you get that issue handled. Eliminating the food source will often time eliminate the problem!

For more info on pricing and snake or rodent control visit or call the office! Let us take away your pests today!

Author: G. Wyatt West –A University of Georgia Graduate of Entomology

Snakes in the Wall? in Georgia

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