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The Ghost of Christmas Tree Past

The Ghost of Christmas Tree Past in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control

Issues stemming from Christmas trees can come back to haunt you even after Christmas is long gone! It all has to do with the disposal of the tree.

If you celebrated a fun Christmas season with a live tree then you need to find something to do with it after the holidays. For many people that is finding a nice spot of land on their property to throw the tree out. However, this can lead to some pretty big issues.

If you are not proACTIVE in the care you use to dispose of your tree, then you may have some issues come spring. In the months following December, your Christmas tree will transform from a lush green attraction to a dry withered husk. By the time March rolls around you will have a dead tree that is holding moisture against the ground and providing shelter to newly emerging insects. If you leave the dead and decaying tree near your home, you could pay the price.

Dead Christmas trees provide the perfect location for newly emerging insects to harbor, mate, relax, and more! If left near or against your home the dead tree can promote pest insects to venture inside. Furthermore, trees are a cellulosic material, which is the favorite snack of wood destroying organisms. You surely don’t want to promote termites or wood destroying beetles to venture into your home!

In addition to pests, termites, and other wood destroying organisms, that dead tree could provide the perfect home for rodents. With the presence of insects, moisture, and shelter will come rodents. It is an all you can eat buffet, with plenty to drink, and a safe location to take a rest. Once they are done the next stop could be indoors…your doors!

To avoid promoting pest insects, wood destroying organisms, and rodents from coming for an unexpected visit in your home, make sure you properly dispose of your tree. Use the following link for more information on proper tree disposal:

Don’t fret if you are receiving this information late; Active Pest Control will be here to help any time you need. Our trained and certified technicians are ready to handle any job big or small!

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Author: G. Wyatt West –A University of Georgia Graduate of Entomology

The Ghost of Christmas Tree Past in Georgia

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