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Why Relationships Are Important

Why Relationships Are Important in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control

Where relationships matter.

Yes, this is just a business tagline….. but to us at Active Pest Control it means so much more. Our business is built around the premise of our relationships with our customers, our employees, and our community. We believe that relationships mean everything. We strive to practice this “tagline” in everything we do.

We help people in times of need on a daily basis. We are called in when our customers are facing destructive home invaders and when they are dealing with expensive home damage. We take our time with our customers and provide multiple options to them to help them make informed decisions. We are always upfront about our pricing and what our pricing includes. We don’t bury anything in our fine print or surprise our customers with hidden fees. We also list our pricing on our website, unlike our competitors. We strive to be transparent.

Yesterday, we found ourselves on the other side of need. Instead of providing help to our community, we were the ones in need of help. Our community was hard hit with 6 inches of rain in a short 5 hour period. We had to ground our entire service team for safety reasons due to the widespread flash flooding.

Unfortunately, one of our service vehicles was caught in the rising flood waters in Loganville, Ga. We immediately reached out to a local tow company in the area that could help us get our vehicle out. Whitlock Towing said they could get the vehicle out and back to our office with no problem. They were prompt and courteous. They attached a chain to the truck and pulled it 10 feet out of the water and towed it back to our office in McDonough. We were grateful to have someone help us in our time of need.

When the tow truck arrived to our corporate office, things quickly took a turn for the worse. When Whitlock Towing was unloading our vehicle we were presented with their bill. A bill for 3,000 dollars. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS to pull a truck out of standing water and tow it from one side of metro Atlanta to the other. We understand that this wasn’t a normal tow. We understand that situation was not a normal circumstance. We also know what predatory business practice looks like, and Whitlock Towing was guilty of it. Pricing was never discussed. Extra fees were never explained to us. Whitlock Towing made sure that they provided the service in our time of need FIRST, before they discussed the exorbitant cost they felt their services were worth.

We want our customers to know that this is EXACTLY why our business is built around relationships. We want our customers to feel taken care of. We want our customers to make INFORMED decisions before spending their hard earned money.

We never want our customers to feel like we did yesterday. That’s why we are sharing this story publicly.

–Active Pest Control “Where Relationships Matter”

Why Relationships Are Important in Georgia

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