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Summer Fleas in Georgia: Making You Feel Anything But Fine

A flea infestation is nothing to take lightly. These pests are more than simple nuisances. They’re disease carriers and can transmit several illnesses such as plague and typhus – to people and pets alike. A female lays about 50 eggs per day, causing a massive infestation in no time. With summertime lurking around the corner here in Georgia, you’re likely to see more of these pesky creatures showing up in your yard and home.

Why Do Fleas Love Summer?

Most bugs and insects awaken in the summer when the temperatures rise and the humidity ramps up. The flea is no exception and thrives in the summertime. The females lay eggs every day during their adult lives and can survive both indoors and outdoors. A flea feeds on blood, attacking humans and animals like cats and dogs.

Ways to Prevent Fleas

Though flea infestations rise in the summer, there’s a lot you can to do keep them from getting into your home. Take preventative action now to stop these pests from causing problems for you and your pets.

  1. Treat your pets with a flea control medicine every month, and fasten flea collars to your cats and dogs as an added precaution.
  2. Vacuum your home regularly to suck up adults, eggs, and larvae, keeping the population from getting out of control.
  3. Remove any debris from outside your home. It will take away their harborage sites and reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Treating your pets every month is a good idea, but you can also treat their bedding area for added protection. If the eggs fall into the carpet, they will eventually hatch and lead to an infestation all over again. Wash your pets’ blankets regularly in hot water to destroy the eggs and kill any surviving larvae.

Get Summertime Flea Control

Don’t take a flea infestation lying down. Contact Active Pest Control in Georgia to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about our flea control services. Without a proper inspection and treatment program, these tiny pests will multiply and grow out of control in just a few weeks. Our pest management professionals will thoroughly inspect your home, eliminate the infestation and take preventative measures to keep these pests from coming back.

Summer Fleas in Georgia: Making You Feel Anything But Fine in Georgia

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