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The Destructive Habits of Japanese Beetles in Atlanta

As Japanese beetles invade Atlanta, GA, homeowners have more pest problems to worry about for their gardens and house plants. These bugs are easily identifiable by their metallic green bodies and copper-colored wings. They feed on plants as grubs and adults and cause widespread damage if they’re not controlled in time. Active Pest Control has a few signs to look for when inspecting your property for these nuisance pests.

Signs Japanese Beetles Are Wreaking HavocThe plants turn into skeletons.

The adult Japanese beetle feeds on plant tissue and will completely devour the leaves until only the veins remain. The plants will look like skeletons with the stems and veins left in place. The lack of plant tissue will halt photosynthesis production and kill the entire plant over time.

The grass turns brown in spots.

The adults aren’t the only ones to worry about in your yard; the larvae also cause many problems. The larvae are called grubs and spend their time below the soil before they mature into adults. They attack the grass’ roots and prevent them from taking in water and nutrients. The grass will begin to turn brown and then die in spots where grub activity is high. The grubs will later mature and emerge from the soil to continue their assault on ornamentals and other plants.

The blossoms look jagged.

A Japanese beetle doesn’t only attack the leaves of various plants on your property; it also feeds on the blossoms. A blossom has soft tissue and doesn’t contain any veins, providing the perfect food source for a beetle. As the beetle feeds, it leaves behind a jagged pattern on the petals. The blossoms will become stunted and can no longer grow properly as the pests feed on the tissue.

Professional Beetle Control in Atlanta

Japanese beetles attack everything from roses to sunflowers; they’ll also feed on invasive weeds such as poison ivy and smartweed. If these pests have invaded your property in or around Atlanta, GA, Active Pest Control can help. Our experienced technicians will inspect your home for these insects and eliminate an infestation with effective beetle control methods before it gets out of hand.